I don’t see Engineering Degree as a requirement to become Software Engineer

Career Path of Yogendra

I am Yogendhra, founder of Forsk Technologies. Completed Computer Science Engineering from Rajasthan University in 2002. I have several years of experience with leading mobility and app development companies like Qualcomm, Mango and ZDRIVE. During these years I played strategic and key roles in developing and launching hundreds of apps successfully. I was part of the team that developed an application framework for low and mid-tier mobile devices that enables developers to quickly create customized mobile apps and user experience.

Who is a Software Engineer?

Software Engineers manages to develop the source code according to client requirement. Meeting the client requirement is the most important part to be a successful software engineering.

What did you want to do after 12th? What motivated you to become a Software Engineer?

During my high schooling, I prepared for JEE and wanted to be in IIT. But, I couldn’t make it and took admission in an engineering college choosing CSE major. At the time of choosing CSE branch, I had no idea what I was supposed to do. Probably at that time, I needed a mentor who could help me figure out right path for being successful in computer stream. I don’t even remember, if somebody influenced me during those days.

What is the story behind Forsk Technologies?

Dr. Sylvester Fernandes and I founded Forsk Technologies in 2015. It teaches students and professionals the practical technology skills. The organization directs its focus on providing courses in Data Science, IoT, mobile and web development, product management, and other digital-related courses. The organisation helps fresh graduates with best in-class instructions and provide access to opportunities in tech.

India is churning out thousands of engineering graduates every year who should ideally find new jobs. However, the reality is that many of these fresh graduates are not fully ready for the jobs that the industry is creating.

Forsk is not just one more finishing school. Our vision is much bigger, it is more than making students job-ready and helping them bag dream jobs. We bring industry approach of app and product development to students using technology and data. We closely mimic the industry practices and most of the learning comes through hands-on practices.

What do you wish you knew before you started preparing for this career?

I wish I could have worked on capstone projects during my engineering to prepare better for the future.

The most surprising element was, the difference between academic world and practical/corporate world.

Our curriculum and teaching practices are far behind what is actually needed for making right impact into job/career. I guess your learning attitude and teamwork is most important to be successful.

What are the various career options for a Software Engineer?

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