ad-hoc: Christopher Owens 2010 “Broken Dreams Club” Letter Transcribed

Collage found on the 2010 girls EP, “Broken Dreams Club”

We’re you unable to properly read the penned press release that @Chri55ybaby wrote prior the release of Girls 2010 EP “Broken Dreams Club”?

Don’t worry, Apples & Pears transcribed it for you:

“A friend of mine once told me that all great art is imagination and then just a lot of hard work. He’s a famous artist and used to say this to people when they would ask him for the secret to his success. As a band we’ve come to find that this is true.

We’ve been welcomed with open arms by so many of you over the last year or so, that in turn we’ve spent all of our time fulfilling invitations to play live everywhere around the world.

Each time we thought we should give it a rest we would get another we just couldn’t refuse, like, why wouldn’t we want to play in Japan with the Smashing Pumpkins, or Julian Casablanca in the south of France?

It’s true that when you give love, you will receive love, and it’s only because of the love that we’ve received from our fans that we’ve been able to drastically improve the quality of our work. This record is a ”LETTER OF INTENT”, it’s a SNAPSHOT OF THE HORIZON!

We took the money we made on tour and worked with the kind of equipment and musicians that would have been too expensive for us in the past. All of us have something to say and give and this is what happen when we show a little interest and support in other. We couldn’t have made this record without you!

So this is our gift to you, our way of saying thank you for giving us the chance to work at the level we’ve always wanted to, and a taste of things to come!! We couldn’t have made this record without each one of you.

This isn’t Girls all grown up, but its certainly the next step up from Album. This is ”Broken Dreams Club” — a record from our hearts to yours. This is your new record as much as ours. Thank you for this opportunity, and as always — Thank YOU for listening.

— Christopher Owens”