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#AppleToo: Digest #46

One of the goals of #AppleToo is to ensure that all those who have not had a voice, all those who sought help and found none, get a voice. Each of the stories included in this digest was submitted by a current or former Apple employee. These stories represent a systemic issue and the need to do better.

We further emphasise that attempting to silence one voice does not silence the voices of all those who suffered, nor does it erase or delegitimise the stories we are sharing. We will continue to share these stories in the hopes that Apple will create a better environment for all its employees, and will be sharing them until we receive resolution.

It is our hope that in sharing these stories, we can bring some resolution. We are honoured to share these stories, and by the trust that each story represents. Even one story is too many. Each story is a person who suffered, and in many cases, continued to suffer in a hostile environment.

We are publishing these stories in batches of five because the emotional weight of them is substantial. They represent five parts of the larger story of systemic issues that must be addressed.

Stressful working conditions for vendors

Ive worked for a third party (Apple)vendor for a very long time. I have never exp. the amount of stress that I have until working on the Apple project.Before this job, stress free and “0” health issues. Since working here, I have had to take LOA and currently am on FMLA from work related stress. Biggest stress point for everyone: False surveys or ones that need to be redacted!!! GBI is ran by Apple, so that means all the surveys that are actually given in error are unable to be removed, thus affecting the employees stats. If stats are affected, so are bonuses , pay increases and the employees job…. The issues seems to fall on deaf ears! Thank you for letting me tell a snippet of my situation!!

Gaslighting about expectations

Hi! I was very excited to join the Apple Team. I know a few people who already work for Apple so I was excited at the prospect of joining such a great company. What attracted me to Apple was their “core-value”, all about diversity and inclusivity and how when you walk into an Apple store you see a diverse group of people working. So I was excited. Joining as a seasonal was great and I was ambitious in my quest to become permanent. But the tables turned once I hit the floor dealing with customers. As many of the Apple employees know, we are told that we are hired for our personal experience , our personality, etc. Not for our sales experience (so I thought and was told) I for one did not feel 100% ready to go on the floor and start dealing with customers. But I dove in and learned as I go. Leaders and managers will listen in on your dealings with customers, listening to your “positioning statements” , etc etc etc. Being new , one is nervous and trying to sound as professional and knowledgeable as one can. Anyway, 2 1/2 weeks into me being on the floor I am called into the office to discuss the “leader board”, which I knew nothing about. And was basically told that “if I wanted to be considered for a permanent position then I needed to bring all the number on my leader board up. At this point, 2 1/2 weeks to being on the floor, still learning some things as I go, getting my groove on the floor with customers , I am told that I need to get these numbers up. Even before I was told this I had two experiences with two separate people from the Operations Team where I was spoken to in what I deemed unprofessional on the floor in front of customers. I contemplated telling someone but in the end I did speak up. Nothing changed except for the fact that I started to feel alienated from most of the team members, people barely speak , not even a hello when walking into back stage, managers are barely on the floor when you need them for over-rides, etc. And one manager doesn’t even wear the Apple shirt. I asked a few of the co-workers I trained with about their experience so far and each of them are feeling the same thing in regards to the push and pressure to get their Apple Care + percentage hire. Something we all are a bit confused about because this subject was never addressed during core. There was no mention that they would be looking at these numbers, etc. If this was stated in the beginning then we would know what to expect and could decide if this part of the job (Apple Care + percentage sales) is right for us. Now #2 scenario: I basically was lied to by a manager about why I was not offered a permanent part time position. I was told it only had to do with the fact that someone was there longer and that if I keep going I would have a great future with the company. When in fact it was given to someone who started training after me and this person got the position because she speaks 2 languages that would benefit our customer demographic. Totally understandable. That’s all they needed to say. Not lie about it. Anyway, this is not the experience I imagined when going the Apple Team. I could give more feedback but there is too much to to type. This “seasonal” experience has been very “bland” to say the least! Thanks for reading!

No avenue to report issues

Apple has just gotten worse over the yearly. Initially I loved my job, but this changed quickly. Apple has made a mockery of Black Lives Matter where multiple people had to complain about their choice of words. I have been discriminated against and harassed about my sons disability. When I try to speak to HR about my issue, they refer me to other places. They are not willing to hear my complaints about upper management. I have been left out of being recognized during multiple team meeting for metrics that I have met. I could go on and on but I would be here for days. I starting keeping list of offenses from Apple, I am well past 15-I’ve only been here 5 years.

Refusal to cooperate with law enforcement

One of my female colleague was a victim of sexual harassment. Many of employees wrote a letter to testify about the abuse, and she go to the French police for that. At the same time the store leader of our store and the HR service help her but when the French police came, she was left alone and refuse to collaborate. Despite many call from the police, she was force to abandoned the pursuit because apple HR and the store leader refuse to collaborate and give the testimony and name of fellow employee. Apple fire the guy who was involved but the story end here. No legal justice was done.

Pregnancy and disability discrimination

My wife and I both work for Apple. She works for at home Apple AppleCare. When she became pregnant we used Sedgwick for her leave. This pregnancy was hard on her body and was considered by her doctor as an at risk pregnancy. There were some days where she would bleed vaginally and over the corse of the pregnancy she was losing weight. Most of this was brought on by the stress of being an at home advisor. Her doctor wanted her to take some time off from work until she showed improvement. The Sedgwick employee assigned to her case was male. We submitted all the required documentation, and were given push back about the documents several times. Frustration naturally grew because of the subject matter. On our last call to Sedgwick, the employee proceeded to ask “why do you even need to be away from work? You’re just pregnant and sit at a desk all day.” We complained but all that happened is we were assigned a different person.




Stories from Apple Workers

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