What is 1+8+N and Super Devices?

We have seen the importance of HarmonyOS and the new release HarmonyOS 2, in which Huawei as planned to release HarmonyOS 2 to nearly 300 million devices. The devices ranging from smartphones, tablets, smart wearables, IoT and devices from third party product manufactures.

If you would like to know more updates about HarmonyOS 2 you can read the entire article here.

Well, we have been hearing about Huawei that it likely to include HarmonyOS into its 1+8+N smart ecosystem strategy, today we will see what is this 1+8+N is all about and its importance.

The above image depicts the 1+8+N all scenario smart life Strategy, which could be simplified as “1+8+N”.

“1” → Refers to the Smartphones which is one of the most frequently and commonly used device on daily basis, which is connecting and controlling the other devices.( which is the center core of the ecosystem).

“8” → Refers to the non-Smartphones products which are used based on the specific scenario and its requirements. Which includes Wearables, Headphones, PC, Tablet, Speakers, AR/VR glasses, Vehicle Mounted Devices and Huawei vision( Middle layer in the image represents the 8).

“N” → Represents a wide ecosystem of other smart products like printers, games consoles, smart travel, sports, health , entertainment products and so forth (which is the outer layer from the above image).

So, until now we have seen what exactly 1,8, N represent but then what is the “+” represents?

The “+” between 1 and 8 represent the “Huawei Share”, well the next question is what is “Huawei Share”? Huawei Share is the feature that allows you to turn your smartphone into a real server dedicated to storage, from which you can take files from any device that is connected to the same network.

The later “+” between 8 and N represent “HiLink” It can be used to search for and manage all HUAWEI HiLink terminal devices, also to provide you with a more consistent and simplified management experience.

Until now we have analyzed about the 1+8+N and its importance and now let’s see what the use of this Strategy or architecture is.

By using this strategy, we can enable interconnection , interoperability, and the capability of sharing all the devices in all Scenario which is the reason for HarmonyOS existence.

In addition, it can also improve user experience, better ecosystem and maximizes values for the users.

To explain this with an example, say you are listening to music on your phone however you have a better speaker available in the same room that could be used. which is also capable of playing the same music file with better audio quality capabilities, instead it is played on your phone.

In this Scenario the 1+8+N strategy comes in effect and decides that speaker is the better device and gives a better user experience seamless with inter device collaboration.

We have tons of new apps and partnerships announced as Huawei expands the ecosystem and you can find the list of all the uses cases here.

In this article we will also see what a “Super Device” is.


Super Device reveals the true power of HarmonyOS and depicts the era of Internet of everything, so what forms a Super device is the combination of Distributed power HarmonyOS and allowing users to connect with different devices.

This allows users to freely use the capability of its smart devices based on users’ needs.

For example, if you want to watch a movie at home late at night, all you must do is open the Control Panel and drag the smart screen icon to your phone icon, and the movie jumps directly from your phone to the TV. If you’re wearing your HUAWEI Free Buds 4, you can then drag the earphone icon to the phone icon, at which point the movie will play on your smart screen while rerouting its sound through your Free Buds. This is just one example of the Super Device experience.

In simple words it is a combination of the hardware ecosystem(1+8) that are available, with Solutions/Scenarios ( which represents the N) , along with that we have the HarmonyOS key capabilities like (One Hop network connection, Multi Device interaction and Collaboration) gives rise to Super Device.

Hope you got a fair understanding of what is 1+8+N and Super Devices are and follow us for more updates related HarmonyOS. If you think you have learned something, then clap your hands 👏 as many times as you can to show your support!



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