What to expect from Application Library Engineering Group.

Bring digital to every person, Home & Organization for a fully connected Intelligent world.

In the changing world of technologies, developers are always geared up to bring innovate solutions or applications in the market and delighting the user.

In order to achieve this I think there is always need of a constant community support, which plays a vital role in a developers life. Majorly it aids developers to reduce the investment to ease their solution development and deployment.

As a developer working in Multiple platforms like Android, iOS, etc, learning new from various platforms or technology always yields to high innovation and success solutions.

Developer conduct AB tests, accessibility audits, unit tests and cross browser checks. Once you’ve solved a problem, you don't want to repeat yourself. By building a reusable component we can effectively utilize the past efforts and revisiting already solved design and development challenges.

Irrespective of whether you are developing applications for web or mobile the reusable software components are the basic building block in your application development. But unfortunately the high quality libraries are not Free.

Challenges faced in the current Ecosystem

There are couple of pit falls in the existing ecosystem and few are mentioned below.

  • Libraries are not available for all platforms (iOS, Android, HMOS)
  • Reusable components are incomplete and not End to End.
  • Missing community to support this drive.
  • No aggregation of components.
  • Customization is always a challenging factor when it comes to reusable components.

This actually boils down to a point of discussion or inference that there is a need or high demand for an open source community , who can drive innovative reusable component and that’s how Application Library Engineering Group was created.

Existence of Application Library Engineering Group.

After thoroughly analyzing the constraints, challenges faced in the existing ecosystem, we finally wanted a community that could focus on all the pain points and come up with more innovate solutions. We believe Application Library Engineering Group will help to achieve this.

Application Library Engineering Group is a “World’s innovate Open collaborative Platform, Build reusable application building blocks (Design to Deployment) to reduce effort and fast track application development on multiple platform.”

Our community focus is to build a application components that covers all the top platforms like Android, iOS and HMOS .

Build a library that supports various fields ranging from Health, Banking, IM, Messaging, Media, Music, News and many others.

UI/UX design to deployment reusability at each step.

Minimize R&D efforts in building a innovative solutions in popular middleware platforms.

How to contribute to Application Library Engineering Group

All skills are welcomed. Even non-programmers can contribute to open source projects!

Join the Community First.

You can connect with us on the listed social platforms mentioned below.

You can create your own library or support the existing libraries from the mentioned list of repositories.

If you would like like to work on the technical document and improvise it you are most welcome to do it.

Interested to share your thoughts on libraries or community feel free to reach out to us at info@applibgroup.dev.

If you would like to create more content to community, reach out to us at info@applibgroup.dev

Application Library Engineering Group is a free, open-source, one stop solution to bring the innovative ideas to life and purely driven by community for the community.

What is stopping you, come join, connect and starting building it.



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