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Top ICOs In Finance

Like anything related to cryptocurrency, the ICO (initial coin offering) functions outside the conventional financial system, offering no middleman (read: bank) when making an investment — and significant profit or benefit if the project is successful.

ICOs in finance are an interesting phenomenon, for the original idea of cryptocurrency opposes banking. Nevertheless, the financial sector pioneered crypto-derived technologies and strategies. In 2017, for example, blockchain use by sector looked like this:

In 2018, among ICO projects in finance, there are those that represent cryptocurrency and the underlying technology powering the existing financial system, and those that offer financial services for and in crypto. In this article, we will look at the latter, which were chosen according to the following principles:

  • Ecosystem needs. Because sectors using cryptocurrency and blockchain are many, the technology has already bloomed into a unique ecosystem with certain needs and problems to be addressed.
  • Innovation. If we are to choose from projects that solve similar problems, it is innovation that attracts us, for humans are curious creatures and are always interested in new perspectives on the same concerns.
  • Technology utility. Beautiful words sell well, so what we are looking for is a project for which technology actually makes a difference, and isn’t used merely as a marketing tool.
  • Information available. Whatever the stage of project development, the project needs to be explained thoroughly and visually, so it can reach its customers and not be missed because of lack of information. The projects on the list are easy to understand, thanks to the information in white papers and on official web pages.
  • Team and strategy. Knowing the team background and project development strategy contributes to a better comprehension of the project’s strengths and weaknesses, providing more opportunities for evaluation of the project’s chances at success.

1. Initial Crowdsale Protection Ecosystem: ATRIX

While ICOs are redefining the way people make contributions to projects, Atrix is redefining the way ICOs function today by offering a buyback guarantee token. To reduce risk in this highly volatile environment, Atrix offers an initial contribution buyback guarantee within the first 5 years if a contributor is not satisfied with the project’s progress.

The ATRIX token value is fully backed by funds reserved in a
specially-designed buyback escrow fund. Having been sold at a set sell price of $2.00, the floor price of the token is $1.6, backing up the 80% buyback. Atrix tokens are transparent, and can be used for a loan that is both easier to access and cheaper. The long-term goal of Atrix is to have its token recognized by banks and accepted as a credit guarantee.

Atrix is powered by distributed ledger technology to ensure the safety and transparency of the whole system, and loans in particular. Add to that the improved KYC procedures, and Atrix is fast becoming an escrow account for the new token sale 2.0 ecosystem.

ICO and Token Details

ICO date: 25 November, 2017–20 December, 2017

Country: Slovenia

Token name: ATRIX

Token type: ERC20

Accepting: ETH

Price in preICO: 1 ATRIX = $1.78 USD

Price in ICO: $2.00 USD

2. The Crypto-Investment Community: BANKA

Banca is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency investment-banking community utilizing blockchain, big data, and AI to ensure high efficiency and transparency of their services.

Banca is a blockchain-based, decentralized, democratized bank offering exactly what conventional banking lacks:

The basic services of Banca include:

  • legal consulting
  • accounting
  • auditing
  • compliance for the project and investment sides

Banca presents itself as “Wall Street on blockchain,” and here’s why:

ICO and Token Details

ICO and Token Details

ICO dates: 10 February, 2018- 28 February, 2018

Country: Singapore

Restricted to: USA, China

Token name: BANCA

Token symbol: BANCA

Token type: ERC20

Rate: USD 0.003 = 1 BANCA

The distribution of raised funds is as follows:

3. Trading Platform: FIDELIUM

With the number of cryptocurrencies growing every day, no wonder we want an internet of exchange at our fingertips. Fidelium proposes a solution: a cross-exchange trading platform that offers access to multiple exchanges via one platform.

Because the price of any cryptocurrency is determined only by the supply and demand factor, prices vary on different exchanges. Fidelum is attempting to make cryptocurrency trading easier by letting its users have arbitrage opportunities calculated by S.A.M.S. — the Smart Arbitrage Matching System.

Moreover, Fidelium proposes to take a step toward spending cryptocurrency in our daily lives by introducing the Fidelium debit card, which you can use similarly to a regular debit card issued by your bank. The only difference is — the funds will be drawn from your crypto balance.

The Fidelium white paper provides a detailed explanation of all the services and opportunities of the FID token, as well as screenshots introducing the functionality of the platform itself.

ICO and Token Details

ICO dates: 12 January, 2018- 11 March, 2018

Country: USA

Token name: FIDELIUM

Token symbol: FID

Price 1 FID = $0.29 — $0.36 USD

Token Type: ERC20

Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, Dash

To attract customers, Fidelium offers a bounty for references, Facebook post shares, re-tweets, blog and/or forum posts, and YouTube video reviews ( I hope we will get our share, too).

Financial Revolution

Looking at the development of distributed ledger, blockchain, and cryptocurrency-related projects, it is very obvious that more and more projects will be appearing to solve problems born from the results of previously-solved problems.

The notion of money is probably targeted so vigorously because it is the area that needs change the most. Whether the financial sector is going to be revolutionized or not, we have no chance of being certain at this point. What we know for sure is that the crypto world is expanding and the ecosystem is becoming more and more diverse, making the existence of all its inhabitants easier and more convenient.


Blockchain development agency focusing on production ready solutions, smart contracts technologies, cryptocurrencies and technical ICO support


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Blockchain development agency focusing on production ready solutions, smart contracts technologies, cryptocurrencies and technical ICO support.


Blockchain development agency focusing on production ready solutions, smart contracts technologies, cryptocurrencies and technical ICO support

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