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The world is always changing, and global technologies are one of the most fundamental drivers of the process. Blockchain is probably one of the best inventions in the world. It brings tons of successful startups to the public.

Nowadays, an ICO launch is an effective means of raising money for a project. Each launch tries to stand out from the crowd, to be among the best. And the competition is getting really hot.

What Does Artificial Intelligence Mean?

The emergence of exciting new fields is more and more noticeable in the current world.

Artificial intelligence seems to be one of them. Machine learning has been deeply studied for the last few years. As a result, we can build systems to perform tasks and improve their implementation without human effort.

At first sight, things look different, because machine work is becoming preferable to traditional human efforts. On the other hand, this creates a more efficient environment for business projects, including ICOs launches.

It’s just the beginning of the year 2018, and we can taste big fruit in ICOs in the artificial intelligence sphere. According to the expert ratings from ICObench, the top three ICOs in AI are based upon the following criteria:

  • degree of blockchain use and smart-contract functionality
  • quality of the white paper and practical accordance with it
  • token type, usefulness, and distribution
  • benefits for token holders, businesses, influencers, and the world in general
  • scale of the vendor’s influence over the project
  • ways of handling and governing funds
  • team vision, workability, and degree of professionalism and experience; projects prior to the current ICO.

The TOP 3 meet all these criteria, and were estimated by experts at higher than 4.


4.3 expert rating

How Does It Work?

AdHive is the first artificial intelligence space designed to replace social video advertising. The main idea is to create a huge international community as the most influential medium for promoting ads products. Check out the AdHive presentation to get acquainted with its possibilities!

Special AI modules control bloggers’ appropriate implementation of the ad procedure. It fully automates a headache process of placement, governance, and cash flow on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other networks for bloggers. Be sure to look through the white paper and the summary of the AdHive market!

Take a look at the roadmap to know which changes are coming next.


The platform is developed on the Ethereum blockchain, which guarantees safety, quality, and success in all cases. ADH tokens are based on Ethereum ERC20.

Discover the budget to find out the total amount of expenses.


On this platform, bloggers can add native video advertisements to their chosen channels without quantitative limitations. Proven advantages of AdHive for token-holders include:

  1. The ADH token is a utility token, and can be converted on the platform to contacts with the audience.
  2. The liquidity of the ADH token is provided by the Bancor Token Changer from the very beginning, and during the entire process.
  3. With the permanent token supply, the number of long-term token-holders, as well as the number of medium-term token-holders, increases.
  4. Income is stored in ADH tokens, and can be converted to fiat money upon request.

Advantages for advertisers and influencers include:

  1. It creates the possibility for small loggers to be a part of the global high-quality blockchain advertising network. This allows the promotion of ads in a much more convenient way.
  2. It automates the headache process of placement, governance, and cash flow. This helps save a lot of time and effort.
  3. Bloggers’ cooperation becomes cohesive. Thus, a quality media product is spread to a much bigger audience.


Let’s meet the AdHive creators and team members! All are experienced experts in different progressive fields. Moreover, Chad Pollitt is among the Top 30 marketing influencers of 2018! (If you are interested in the other 29, check out this article).

Because of the great team’s workability, AdHive was nominated for Best ICO by Crypto Currency News and mentioned among the “Glorious Six of ICOs in 2018”!


Community members are always ready to help every blogger to develop a powerful ad campaign, no matter how many viewers and subscribers he/she has.

4.0 expert rating

How Does It Work?

Established in 2015, savedroid is the first German AI savings platform to control crypto-inclusion. In fact, it has won the German FinTech award. Its purpose is cryptocurrency democratization. Watch the video presentation to understand its vision.

A special AI ecosystem environment was developed to provide the possibility of crypto-saving and -investing. A customer gets income through available AI crypto-saving projects.

It’s worth discovering their roadmap, which shows both currently successful steps and a perspective on future developments.

savedroid offers different promotion programs for ITS:

  1. Referral Program: grants inviting a friend you have 5% for an additional token.
  2. Social Media Bounty Program: encourages prompting the platform on different communication channels.
  3. Bug Bounty Program: developed for reviewing smart contracts.


savedroid is based upon the standard ERC20 Ethereum smart contract, with a deflation mechanism. Tokens are designed for cryptocurrency purchase within the savedroid ecosystem. Get more information by watching the video about the tokens.

The following image demonstrates token flow.

By the way, can you imagine the results of the token sale?


The great advantage is that savedroid follows all German legislation and regulatory requirements as well as the TÜV Saarland Group security audits. This makes the stock really secure.

Also, there are opportunities for investment: portfolios, derivatives, and ICOs. All of them are mentioned in the well-written white paper — which stands out as one of the most qualitative ICO white papers, as every single chapter is fully demonstrated in a YouTube video. Check out the whole playlist.

Due to the creation of a smart user experience (“UX”), the process of funds transfer becomes easier to implement. Now, savings can be converted to cryptocurrencies, saved in integrity and security. This assures their accessibility and traceability.


The team founders have worked in FinTech for over 10 years, so they are highly experienced in building, testing, and deploying a previous software product. Through a well-planned market strategy, Savedroid was nominated as FinTech startup of the year.

By the way, did you know that the savedroid team has a 4.6 expert rating? Just watch their friendly video presentation and user-friendly page on Facebook! Also, the team has its own mascot — a black savedroid cat!


4.0 expert rating

How Does It Work?

aXpire is a blockchain company aimed at payment-system restructuring that was established in January 2017. From the very beginning, it has managed the process of distributing and splitting costs for asset managers from different financial services. Then, due to a highly secure SaaS mode, it started to deal with expanding issues in other spheres. Its second priority is managing mid- and back-office cost flow in.

The company offers a suite of products to increase the efficiency of service spending and general profit margins. In other words, it helps reduce waste and improve the profitability of businesses. In addition, aXpire distributes funds between various world financial services.

You can find more information by watching the video presentation about all the cooperative side of aXpire.

Look through aXpire’s roadmap to understand the total body of work done by the team and their future plans.

One of aXpire’s key partners since November 2017 has been R3. This partnership provides blockchain software to existing applications, and has been actively trained in Corda. A crucial partner is Microsoft; aXpire provides access to their latest software.


The AXpire AXP is based on the ERC223 standard token, which is a more developed version of the ERC20 standard. With the Apache aXpire network, it is free of cost. There is also the possibility of buying the token with Bitcoin or Ether.

The total token supply is up to 350,000,000 units, which differs from other ICOs. AXpire uses a TGE (Token Generation Event) for distribution of a maximum of 75% of the total token supply. Have a look at the image to understand how the AXP token works.

You can see the result of the work in the budget scheme below.


The key advantage of aXpire is that it lends transparency to cost transfers. It provides the possibility of adding jobs, but invoices and fees should be covered in AXP. In addition, fees are kept at a very low cost.

Discover the benefits for vendors and employees:

  • removal of manual processes through machine learning
  • a simple, intuitive user interface
  • ease of enablement and flexibility; lack of vendor fees.
  • rapid acquisition of goods and services
  • free access to the database
  • electronic invoicing and streamlined procurement through e-bidding. Vendors are automatically notified of invoice status, and are provided ample documentation to ease regulatory compliance
  • сonstantly-available application dashboards
  • all Resolvr services are available in a mobile interface, maximizing simplicity and convenience.


The team is a prior LSG C-suite, and includes skilled and experienced specialists in the software-enabled payments sphere. The team’s merit is proven in their professional white paper, which stands as the guideline of priorities for the aXpire work plan.

In conclusion, it’s worth noting that the success of ICOs is increasingly affected by the impact of artificial intelligence technologies. Therefore, it is already in use at the most profitable ICOs.

The biggest opportunities are preparing for the most mind-blowing implementation yet.

Prepare your special ICO “guns” for this!

This article was created by Applicature. Thank you for your attention!


Blockchain development agency focusing on production ready solutions, smart contracts technologies, cryptocurrencies and technical ICO support


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Blockchain development agency focusing on production ready solutions, smart contracts technologies, cryptocurrencies and technical ICO support.


Blockchain development agency focusing on production ready solutions, smart contracts technologies, cryptocurrencies and technical ICO support

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