Inevitable and Non-Inevitable Futures. Learn To See The Future Like Elon Musk

“I’m just trying to think about the future and not be sad” (Elon Musk)

In this jaw-dropping TED interview I urge you to spare time for Elon Musk, one of the most influential entrepreneurs of our times who is constantly promoting new futuristic initiatives and innovations, is putting forward his understanding of the future and how this understanding relates to the various initiatives he is starting, enabling and promoting.

The future is “like a branching stream of probabilities and there are actions that we can take that affect those probabilities.”

It is educating to see how Musk speaks about “inevitable” and “non inevitable” futures and say, for example that Tesla’s endeavors are only exhilarating an inevitable future (because the development of sustainable energy is inevitable). While SpaceX’s aim of sending humans to deep space is not promoting an inevitable future and thus it is different in it’s impact on humans’ future.

I want to offer you a practical tool that will help you understand and act about the future like Elon Musk does.

In the tool that I have developed, called Fit For Futures which I’ll be testing in the next year with The Future Of” full year project, this distinction is translated into what we know and what is still uncertain about the decision we need to make today regarding the future. By focusing on what we do not know and is still uncertain and not on what we know or assume about the future. We create a map of the futures “stream of probabilities” and can deal with four plausible futures each having the same probability to occur.

By drawing this 2X2 map of these uncertain and non-inevitable futures, we can begin to look at the affects that our decisions today might have on each of these futures probabilities and act accordingly.

If you are interested in learning more, do join this full year adventure into the future of ten different aspects of our futures. You can get updates, participate and even become a sponsor of any part of the process.

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And you too can think of the future like Elon Musk does.