Bitcoin striving, but blockchain thriving

9 charts that tell the real story

1: The rise and fall of bitcoin

Bitcoin price. source: Google search for “bitcoin price”

Bitcoin has been spoken about a lot in the 10 years since its birth. Unleashed on the world in 2008, a few weeks after the financial crisis was ushered in as indicated by the fall of Lehman Brothers, it largely stayed in corners of the Internet till a mini bubble grew and popped in 2013–2014. Since then a lot of excitement has built around cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin and other coins flourished, especially in 2017, only to meet their comeuppance in 2018.

2: People looking for information on bitcoin

Search term “bitcoin” — for approximately the same period. Source: Google Trends

Our curiosity about the technology has followed the price chart above(more or less). So if Google searches in Dec 2018 were at a 100, we were down 90% by Nov 2019.

3: No of transactions on the bitcoin blockchain


Looking past prices, the number of transactions has been going up steadily

4: Number of wallets and user accounts

Number of bitcoin wallets online at Blockchain (source:

Coinbase and Blockchain are both reporting that they added more than 50k wallets per day recently. Last year Coinbase had more accounts than Charles Schwab did — and there are no signs that this has not been reinforced this year.

5: Blockchain in the enterprise

For all the focus on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Blockchain is solving real problems in the enterprise, in governments, and among technology visionaries.

6: Enterprise Blockchain is a $20B+ opportunity

7: A lot of capital invested in Blockchain

VCs are patient capital building for the long term. The wall of innovation funded by over $3B of early stage investor interest has not hit us yet.

8: And this is smart money

Experienced VC firms that know how to build large viable businesses have continued to fund the Blockchain led and Blockchain based innovation.

9: A portfolio beyond “Crypto”

As a blockchain focused VC firm, we recommend a broad diversified long term approach to playing the opportunity. These are a select few of the 25 positions in our portfolio at Applied Crypto Ventures.

The author is the Managing Partner at Applied Crypto Ventures. His views are almost always personal and you can follow him on LinkedIn or Twitter.



A specialized venture capital investment firm focused on applications of advanced mathematical and cryptographic techniques like blockchain, directed acylcic graphs, and other distributed ledger technologies.

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Shyam Kamadolli

Shyam Kamadolli

Entrepreneur turned VC and PE investor; Blockchain/Crypto/AI/ML focus; blogger; technophile, foodie, polyglot, poet