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Applied Data Science
Cutting edge data science, machine learning and AI projects

…using a Raspberry Pi, Docker, Python and Apache Superset

📦 What I needed

How AI and Nudge Theory can help us nudge our way out of difficult decisions

An AI agent playing the game ‘Butterfly’, trained using SIMPLE

NEW reinforcement learning Python package SIMPLE — Self-play In MultiPlayer Environments

✏️ The Plan

  1. It will work with any custom board game logic
  2. It will handle multiplayer games
  3. It will start tabula-rasa and learn through self-play

🎯 The Outcome

A guide to navigating through a sea of data

Photo by Marius Ciocirlan on Unsplash

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

What is an algorithm?

What is Time Complexity?

Photo by Roman Koester on Unsplash

The ego graph for Tensorflow — radius 22

How ego graphs can help you learn about AI, play chess, eat healthier, buy a dog and find love.

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