Artificial intelligence use cases in sales summarized in a neat appliedAI graph

We have identified 11 artificial intelligence use cases in sales and structured these use cases around typical sales activities. We are currently focused on inside sales, for example a retail sales function has different main activities and therefore different AI use cases. Our framework is by no means comprehensive but it is ever improving so please let us know if you have any comments and suggestions:

Primary sales activities and AI use cases in these activities are:

1- Forecast sales: AI allows automatic and accurate sales forecast based on all customer contacts and previous sales outcomes. Give your sales personnel more sales time while increasing forecast accuracy

2- Enable sales reps:

Sales content personalization and analytics: Sales reps serve customers better with sales content personalized to individual customers.

Predictive inside sales platforms score customers’ likelihood of converting based on 3rd party and company data, allowing your sales reps to prioritize effectively

Sales rep next action suggestions: AI will analyze your sales reps actions and leads will be analyzed to suggest the next best action

3- Automate sales activities:

Sales data input automation: AI will synch data from various sources effortlessly and intelligently into your CRM

Sales rep response suggestions: AI will suggest responses during live conversations or written messages with leads

Meeting setup automation (digital assistant): Leave AI to set up meetings freeing your sales reps time

Sales rep chat/email bot: Leave AI to do all the talking until she is ready to handover

4- Sales analytics & performance manage reps:

Sales attribution: Leverage big data to attribute sales to marketing and sales efforts accurately

Customer sales contact analytics: Analyze all customer contacts including phone calls or emails to understand what behaviors and actions drive sales. Share these insights with all your salesforce to promote productivity

We have put these use cases, along with some sample vendors operating in this space here. It’s not pretty yet, but we are working on that!

To get more information about these use cases including references, case studies, customer videos and information on vendors operating in this space, please visit us at

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