AppLike Ranks a TOP 10 Global Media Source for App Publishers on Android

3 years ago, my partner Carlo and me started the AppLike business in the basement of our main shareholder Gruner + Jahr/Bertelsmann. 2 years ago, we launched our first BETA product. 1 year ago, we announced the launch of the 20th country AppLike operates in.

TODAY, we are very proud that AppsFlyer has recognized AppLike as one of the top media sources in the mobile gaming space in Western Europe and Northern America, two of the most competitive regions overall.

.. even though our old logo has been used, we are grateful to be part of the Performance Index ;)

The AppsFlyer Performance Ranking is based on billions of data points and objectively indicates that all the years of hard work at AppLike have paid off for our advertising clients. We would interpret the data in a way that AppLike is the fastest growing, most successful entrant in the rankings on Android — when it comes to advertiser satisfaction.

I do believe that our existing clients, that have been working with us for almost 2 years now, would agree.

There is still quite a way to go. Even though the success of our clients’ and partners’ campaigns is overwhelming in many cases, of course, not every advertiser is happy with every AppLike campaign at any time . We are realistic about that, and strive to get there by the power of our great targeting capabilities, great technology and — last but not least — our GREAT PEOPLE here at AppLike.

Let’s keep in touch! Yours, Jonas

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