Dr Smood — Best Tasting Healthy Food Comes to NYC

For those of you that know me, you will know that I have quite a specific (and rather strange) diet — very few carbs, no dairy and a string of other things that I try to avoid. This stems from many years of a battle with my weight, and eventually becoming somewhat obsessed with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Because of of this, I am always excited when I hear of new healthy concepts opening up; I’ll always checkout a new place to grab a smoothie or juice. I actually first heard about DrSmood before they opened in NYC. The concept started in Miami with high growth plans. As they planned to rapidly open several cafes they decided to use Apploi to help them recruit. So when I recently found myself on a business trip in Miami, I made the journey over to their flagship café in Wynwood, and I was blown away! You will find delicious, creative, and healthy food; indeed their slogan is “smart food for a good mood.

They have since opened a few cafes in NYC (it seems like they’re opening one every couple of weeks), and I have made them regular spots to hold meetings. Not only is their menu tasty, healthy, and organic they also have created beautifully designed spaces. Every detail from the smoothies to the furniture at the store is well thought out. My personal favorite is the Energy juice (Apple, Red Bell Pepper, Pineapple, Ginger, Olive Oil).

Being an innovative and contemporary brand that cares greatly about customer service, Dr Smood is aware that hiring the right team will be an important component of their development and success. They are looking for ambitious individuals, who are very customer orientated and believe in a healthy lifestyle. Matteo De Cesco, VP of Legal and HR comments, “Our Smood Operators are the face of our brand, and who our customers meet first, so we need to ensure that they correctly portray who we are and what we stand for.”

At Apploi, we have assisted Dr Smood by creating a recruitment process that is fully mobile, socially engaging, and promotes a candidates true personality (something crucial to the brand) with the use of video within the application process itself.

If you’re interested in trying the rapidly growing fun and healthy brand, be sure to stop by Dr Smood. Several cafes are already open, and more are coming soon. And if you’re tempted to become part of this wonderful company, you can easily apply on their website or Facebook page, and be sure to let me know how you found that experience.