How Companies Are Engaging Their Candidates and Winning Big!

Dom Socci
Dec 12, 2017 · 3 min read

As millennials and Generation Z continue to be the powerhouse of the employee workforce, with over 40% of the overall workforce being born after 1981, employers in two of America’s biggest industries are facing a new, unprecedented crisis. With an oversaturation of brands to work for, ranging from your local pizza spot to your publically traded big box retailer, a supply of younger talent (many of which won’t even consider your job if the application process is slow and clunky) is much lower than the overall demand. Tapping into this market can be daunting, especially as Millennials and Generation Z candidates spend up to 19 hours a week on their phones, are more environmentally conscious than the previous generation and are only as loyal as their income is.

Engaging with this audience requires out of the box thinking. Those who are utilizing creative approaches to recruit new workers, whether they are seasonal, part time or full time, are reaping the benefits. Those who are unwilling to take a more disruptive approach to acquiring new candidates, online or off, will be left with no candidates at all.

Target Making Waves in SMS

Target, making headlines for announcing their minimum wages, has made even bigger strides with leveraging smart phones in the talent recruiting process. With over 92,000 seasonal hires made nationwide last year, Target expects to make even more with this year’s holiday season approaching. One of the biggest tools they plan on deploying is the ability for applicants to send a text message from their phones to get more information about seasonal roles open. This works perfect for the millennial on the go who needs seasonal work but does not have the time or, in some instances, a computer to access job applications to still apply directly from their phones.

Blaze Pizza Wins Millennial Customers…and hires.

Dubbed as one of the “fastest growing casual restaurants in the country,” Blaze puts the new generation on a pedestal. Offering free pizza to social media followers and building brand recognition through social media campaigns, Blaze taps into their internal network for their hiring processes. Leveraging the communities in which they open their stores, Blaze Pizza partners with operators with previous experience running a restaurant in the areas they launch stores as a means of incentivizing jobs within these neighborhoods. Combining a strong loyalty program, incentive programs and community outreach, Blaze has expanded from 2 stores to 200 in a matter of a few years and has attracted millennial hires in the process.

Dr Smood Takes Candidate Experience to the Next Level

A new age fast-growing café needs a new age way to attract the very best in youthful, sophisticated, millennial talent to their chain of organic juice bars. Embedding their career board with “hire” minded technologies while maintaining their company culture through high res photos and social media integration, Dr Smood presents each of their open roles as entirely unique campaigns. Want to work as a Host/Hostess? Dr. Smood serves photos of the hosting team and their product directly on the job posting, along with a map outlining exactly where the specific location is. The process is mobile optimized and candidate friendly, with a chat bot connected to every posting, Dr Smood is able to take questions from their applicants before they even apply.