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Sep 15, 2018 · 5 min read

People choose WooCommerce over Shopify due to numerous reasons. Other than the configuration period you need, WooCommerce is absolutely free, and not to mention the features and integration. The total extensions that WooCommerce support is so much to count. Moreover, tight control over the website is only possible with Woocommerce.

Woocommerce native app created by using Woocommerce mobile app plugin by Appmaker

There are Millions of E-commerce store relying on Woocommerce. Building an app for the Estore is the next step that one will take while transforming the business to M-commerce. You may come across many app builders and agencies offering the best apps for your website. Choosing the appropriate for your store is crucial.

Woocommerce Appmaker

Appmaker has got the nake of transforming WooCommerce websites into native mobile apps ( I mean turning into the best apps ) in just a few minutes.

Are you looking for customization?

Customization and personalization are what which defines the best app builder. Everything other than this comes second. Appmaker has always stood out of the crowd by delivering excellent customization opportunity. Logging in to the appmaker dashboard is the first thing. Then every step that you’ll go through is to achieve a customized app.

Everything which makes an app, whether it be the alignment, the design, color or product view and more can be customized easily with appmaker. The WooCommerce Mobile app plugin can be easily integrated with your WooCommerce website.

Woocommerce Mobile app plugin

Instant app for WooCommerce Websites:

Have you ever wondered whether building the app will be so instantaneous like cooking the noodles?

Appmaker has brought this into reality. How? Here it is, Just by uploading the app icon, app name and the WooCommerce website of yours, the app is ready. Next, all you have to do is customize the app the way you want it to be.

No Coding: Appmaker lets you build a full-featured app with just clicks, drag and dropping. Appmaker has made it so simple and easy for one to create a store.

Designing the app: Building the app into something remarkable is what you will be needing. To achieve this, you have to meet certain standards for both the UI and UX. Bringing both together results in creative design for your app.

Appmaker provides a user-friendly atmosphere to build an app for your WooCommerce website.

Combining widgets and actions, one can build the app they want. Each widget posses different qualities. Moreover, all the elements held in these widgets can have purposes, and these purposes are known as actions. Widgets and actions are the stars of the show.

Woocommerce native app created by using Woocommerce mobile app plugin by Appmaker

The actions which can be assigned include

Using widgets and actions leading the shoppers to the desired page is a lot easier.

Comparing appmaker with other app builders:

I would never say that it is a tough choice while choosing the app builder for WooCommerce websites. But that is not enough; let’s see how app maker is different from other App builders.

Appmaker V/S TMstore V/s Mobikul V/s Appypie V/s AppPresser V/s BuildFire

First of all, there is a prominent difference in the pricing between appmaker and TMStore.


The annual subscription plan of Tm store would cost you $2000+(Client dependency). Whereas without compromising the quality, Appmaker lets you build an app with just $120/m in yearly subscription.

With all the feature set provided by TMstore, WooCommerce appmaker provide additional features including,

  • Social Login
  • Live Chat
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Push Notification
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • White label solution.’
  • Supports RTL
  • various plugins required for Estore
  • Google and Facebook analytics
  • Cupon support

A ready-made solution for creating an app; this is what Mobikul provides. Which is useful to an extent. The problem is that customization of apps is not possible; hence one cannot bring changes and design as their wish. This is not the case with appmaker. Customization is the highlighted feature of appmaker.

Who would hire a professional when one can create an app just the way they want. That too with Zero coding.


Appypie is a generic solution for building an app. They let you make mostly all types of apps including WooCommerce apps. Bringing this to your attention that these apps they offer are Web Apps. Whereas appmaker mainly specializes in WordPress and WooCommerce websites and you can see the difference in it.


AppPresser offers all the feature set just as appmaker, But do they provide these features? To know this the only way is to purchase the product. Building the app with appPresser will require knowledge in coding. This is not necessary with appmaker. Just similar to appmaker.


BuildFire builds mobile apps for their customers, and also they allow users to create their mobile apps. DIY platforms are used by both appmaker and BuildFire.

With plugins alone, app customization cannot be achieved to its fullest. This issue can be resolved with appmaker’s exclusive set of features. Creating In-app pages is one among the first leap that you make while designing the app — Decor your home page with widgets carrying different actions.

Highest rated Woocommerce mobile app plugin by Appmaker

“Choose appmaker” — won’t be appropriate, why don’t you try out the 15 days free trial of appmaker and learn more about the features provided. Ha, There is no need to enter any billing details, and you get access to all the features of the enterprise plan.

Start your free trial now!

One stop for all those who are searching to build an app for their WooCommerce and Wordpress websites. Easy, Affordable and Quick solution to all your worries about your app.

Sumayya Siddique

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One stop for all those who are searching to build an app for their WooCommerce and Wordpress websites. Easy, Affordable and Quick solution to all your worries about your app.

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