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Yaroslav Morgachev
Jan 8, 2020 · 3 min read

For the last five years I have been developing IT products together with the Apparat team for customers from Russia, Ukraine and the UK. We create high-quality applications that connect people and solve real problems: from finance to medicine.

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This article is an assumption about how custom development agencies may change in the near future.

Current Problems of Development Agencies

If a freelancer wants to finish a project and get a good feedback, the agency wants to fulfill the terms of the contract and get a new item in the portfolio (this allows to attract new customers).

Agencies as well as freelancers do not consider your product as their own, and this is a key problem of mobile/web /IT development in 2010–2020.

In the future, well known to us agencies will change the approach to work towards CaaS

Another obvious advantage that CaaS era will bring is that the CTO who came to your project will most likely have his own base of proven, talented developers, designers and marketers in advance. Sometimes exactly such CTOs will present your product to investors. Because it’s their product, too. They believe in it.

Why do agencies need this? Because the sales issue will start to disappear. If an agency working with CaaS is often forced to accept new clients in most cases this will only mean that their CTO does not cope with his main task.

Why will CaaS change products?

Problems of CaaS

Lack of staff. Agencies working with CaaS will have to create new education methods for preparing future CTOs. With CaaS, the more CTOs are in the agency and the better they work — the more the agency can earn.

Staff turnover. If CTO does a great job, sooner or later he will be faced with the question of the need for an agency in this process. Companies offering CaaS should create an answer to this question in advance.

Where to get CaaS now?

LinkedIn is one of the best ways to get a technical director for your project right now. You will definitely find CTO who will consider your product as his own there. It remains only to agree on remote work and hourly pay.

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Guides and best practices based on experience in our mobile dev agency