2018 Goals: 4 Super Simple Ways to Change the World in 2018

Appreciate’s dream is to connect the non-profit world, and to create an ecosystem where people, businesses and non-profits are creating partnerships to change the world. There’s many ways your business can activate to change the world, here’s a few suggestions if you’re working out your 2018 plans.

Pro Bono

Use your expertise and skills to genuinely provide non-profits a set of skills they may not currently have. If you’re an accountant, a few hours pro bono work at the end of the financial year will take some of the stresses away from non-profit employees who may not have a few thousand pounds to spend on an audit. Many non-profits are legally companies to provide integrity and transparency to their operations.


Meaningful volunteering can literally change a non-profit’s day, week, month or yearly outlook. If you can connect with a non-profit to provide the skills and expertise which comes with volunteers, you’ll be having an immeasurable impact to people(s) lives!


Sometimes thinking long-term can be more impactful to a non-profit than short-term. Creating a partnership which spans weeks, months or years not only provides vital help and value to a non-profit, but also provides security to the operations of an organisation. Non-profits generally have-to-have only the required finances for a year’s operation (i.e. no savings) to provide transparency to the financing of their non-profit. This is one of the huge differences between a company and a listed non-profit. A strategic partnership would go a long long way in terms of value and security to a non-profit, you’ll quite literally have a huge impact on many people(s) lives!


This is no secret, for many non-profits, the financing of their work is crucial to the impact they have in the world. Creating a cushion for a non-profit so that they know they’ll be able to survive for the next 6, 12, 18 months allows them to carry on with the knowledge they don’t have to worry about funding their missions, and they can carry on with positively impacting the world. Your help can genuinely change the world!

Those are 4 simple and powerful ways to have a huge impact in the non-profit world!

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Thank you!

Team Appreciate

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