5 ways to boost your non-profit’s profile

If you run a non-profit and you’ve signed up to Appreciate, welcome to the platform! At Appreciate our dream is to connect the non-profit world, and in turn help non-profits to change the world.

A great online profile means more people can find you, interact with you, and join your mission, so here are 5 top tips to making your Appreciate profile pop.

1) Engaging Images

There’s no better way to catch someone’s attention online than to have big, bright, powerful images which relate perfectly to your non-profit.

We’ve kept our profile layout as simple as possible. Using the same size horizontal cover picture and square logo as Facebook is perfect for setting up your Appreciate profile.

Have a look at the image below from a non-profit already on Appreciate. Their bright, bold and a powerful image sucks you in immediately to who they are and what they do.

Example: Manx Birdlife’s cover picture. Short, insightful and powerful.

2) Mission Statement

Mission statements can powerfully relate your non-profit’s dream. Creating a short, digestible and powerful introduction to your non-profit is crucial for getting the attention of people and businesses.

Appreciate’s mission statement and our dream is to connect the entire non-profit world. Sure we have other really important things going on we want to tell people about, but our short and powerfully mission statement allow’s people to know exactly what we’re here to do.

3) Up-to-date Contact details

Make 1000% certain all of your non-profit’s contact details are up to date. Ensuring everyone who wants to connect with you can do so will improve communication and create a stronger brand for your non-profit.

There’s nothing more frustrating than e-mailing a non-profit you’re super passionate about, only to find that the e-mail “bounces”.

4) Social media, social media, and more social media

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Medium, Pinterest… can be a lot to digest. Appreciate is here to help take some of the time you spend on perfecting your online brand off your shoulders, and allow you to focus your energy into changing the world with your non-profit. But if you do have these accounts, link them to your profile so people can immerse themselves in your non-profit’s brand!

Your profile with Appreciate will be powerfully insightful for people wanting to find out more about your mission and story. You can know with confidence that if people find you on Appreciate they will understand your mission and goals. Having social media accounts allows you to highlight what your non-profit is up to day-to-day and is a great way to build your following. This is one step closer to creating more meaningful connections with people who want to help you!

5) How can people help you the most effectively

Select “Volunteers”, “Partnerships”, “Donations” and “Specialized Talks” with a certain amount of specificity when setting up your profile on Appreciate. If you only need volunteers, select this option so that people on your profile will know exactly why to connect with you to help as effectively as possible.

Have you ever had a 40 email long e-mail chain with someone, or a business who wants to find out more and inquire about your non-profit, only to find out they can’t help you? By selecting the most appropriate reasons to contact you, you’ll avoid these long winded conversations, saving you time to focus on your non-profit’s mission.

We hope these 5 short insights help you to improve your profile on Appreciate! Remember you can always reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and on here. Or simply send us an e-mail to profile@justappreciate.com !

Thank you!

Team Appreciate