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Apr 16, 2018 · 6 min read

Yep it’s back. Coachella rocks the world every April and it’s social power resonates around the world. With 99,000 attendees a day making their way to the California super-crowd, the iconic festival draws people from all demographics & all corners of the world.

Putting aside the solar powered phone charging area (yep at Coachella the sun powers Instagram), most onlookers won’t have heard about the positive environmental impact the festival has, so here’s a short insight into Sustainable-Coachella. 🌴


In 2007 Coachella launched Carpoolchella. This super simple idea gives people the chance to win experiences for life for simply taking the time to reduce your carbon footprint.

“During the weekend from Thurday to Sunday, one secret spotter will randomly be out and about at one of the parking and/or camping entrances watching people drive in. Random cars with four or more people with “Carpoolchella” on their dash or written on their car might be approached for questioning upon driving in and get to draw a prize. (Prizes listed above). Read official rules & check out some past participants below.”

VIP Coachella For Life or more CO2? We know which one we’d chose! 🌍

Energy Playground

20,000+ Phones Powered with Energy Playground

If you need to charge your phone and burn off some of the alcohol which is undoubtedly flowing through you veins, “The Energy SeeSaws” are the perfect combination.

“Part of Global Inheritance’s Energy Playground experience, these power packed devices will provide a few extra bars on your phone as you burn off that slice of spicy pie! Get the best seat in the house, charge your phone and flash back to your childhood days!”

POSTed Studio


What happens when you combine art and education? This is the premise of the POSTed Studio.

“The POSTed Studio taps into people’s potential for greatness. Poster designers have helped shape the culture of our world by projecting powerful ideas that endure for generations.

All Coachella attendees are encouraged to think out loud, conceptualize ways to solve world issues, and partner with the very best in the design world to get their messages heard.”

Saving Nature Claw Machine

We all loved this machine when we grew up, so combining the Claw machine with helping the world is the perfect way to spark childhood memories and get people in the mindset of having fun and changing the world.

Once you’re in command of the claw, your job is to lift an animal to safety to earn points which you can redeem for Coachella experiences and merchandise. All week animal experts are on hand to answer questions on endangered species across the globe, and how we all can help to preserve them.

The Oasis Water Bar 💧

Thought-provoking programs provide firsthand experiences and creative ways to start water-friendly habits. With 844 million people living without access to safe water (, bringing awareness to the realities of water is a powerful installation at Coachella. 💧

“The Oasis Water Bar is a refreshing and interactive opportunity for people to understand the water challenges we face and the possible solutions for tomorrow. Launched in 2013 at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, the bar serves shots of a variety of water types (including purified wastewater and desalinated ocean water). As participants taste each one, the bartender will explain how it was sourced, filtered and what the water’s future potential is. By the time patrons discover that less than 1% of our planet’s water is drinkable, they’ll understand the value behind earth’s most precious resource.”


How do you inspire millions of people to care about trash (**rubbish for the Brits**)? Turn it into art! 🖌️

“An artist-driven initiative, TRASHed Art of Recycling creates imaginative and one-of-a-kind art pieces out of everyday recycling bins. Since the 2004 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, 1,000 artists have created 2,500 large and small redesigned bins. They’ve found their way into galleries, other music festivals, sporting events and public gatherings across North America, South America, and Europe. After events, many of the bins are donated to local schools.”


The second avenue TRASHed activates attendees is through the TRASHed Recycling Store. This activation encourages people at large events and festivals to recycle bottles, cans and cups in exchange for points redeemable for exclusive items and experiences.

Global Inheritance founded the recycling store in 2004. The Recycling Store/10 for 1 Bottle Exchange isn’t about breaking recycling records but creating a positive experience that lasts beyond the festival and inspires the Coachella community that expands around the world.


Source: Coachella

If you ever get lost wandering around Coachella, you can be safe in the knowledge that the signs which will help you on your way are sustainable, phew.

Coachella switched up all of their site map and set times to wooden signs. This concept was provided by Prints on Wood. With over 100 solar panels on the roof of pow, this is one of the most efficient wood printing solutions available. The dudes at Prints of Wood also plant one tree for every order placed.

Global Inheritance

So.. All of this has been achieved at Coachella in partnership with the non-profit Global Inheritance. Global Inheritance work to reinvent activism and empower individuals to seek a global balance. Their initiatives focus on the power of creativity to communicate and drive progressive social change.

“In 2004, Global Inheritance pitched the idea of redesigning recycling bins for the Coachella Valley Music & Arts festival grounds. The festival agreed, and this was the beginning of a unique partnership between music festival and nonprofit organization — a relationship which has helped produce a multitude of unique experiences. Over 10 years later, Coachella + Global Inheritance continue to work together to push the envelope in interactive, environmental, and educational programming.”

A True Success — The Power of Partnerships 🌎

Music festivals around the world continue to grow and attract droves of people, top musicians and artists. It’s a tremendous feel-good experience for millions of people every year. Coachella, itself, has a growing attendance that just recently reached 90,000 people per weekend. As a massive cultural gathering, the event has major caché in getting people excited and giving them an experience of a lifetime.

Festivals are setting trends and have the power to influence the way people act. Coachella, along with many other festivals, has recognized the opportunity in expanding the experience. Organizations like Global Inheritance take this opportunity to reach a large amount of people and inspire them to make small changes that impact the world around them.

Many of the ideas that first took place at Coachella have not only inspired festival attendees but other major festivals and events around the world. Coachella + Global Inheritance programs have been successful in not only limiting the festivals footprint but also in getting millions of people engaged in playing a bigger role to benefit everyone.(Source: Global Inheritance) 🌎

Source: Coachella

Whatever your passion, and wherever in the world you want to support a non-profit to change the world, you can explore non-profits you’re passionate about around the world on our platform here ! 🌍

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Your online social platform to connect with any non-profit, anywhere in the world. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @Appreciateofficial

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