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Best Investing Apps for iPhone and iPad

Grow your capital with the Best Investing apps for iPhone and iPad.
We gathered the App List with the most useful iPhone and iPad apps related to Stock Markets and Investments. The apps are Free, enjoy!

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Trading View App

Trading View includes Stock Charts, Trading Platform and Trading Ideas app and more.

Seeking Alpha App

Seeking Alpha provides Stock Markets News and Stocks Portfolio app for iPhone and iPad

Yahoo Finance App

Research, invest, trade stocks with Yahoo Finance App Stocks & Finance app for iPhone and iPad

Stocks App by Apple

FRED Economic Data App

FRED Economic Data App — Economic data series from 59 regional, national and international sources. Housed on the FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Database).

Investmate App

Investmate App — Learn to trade with Investmate — Stock Markets & Finance Education App for iPhone and iPad

uValue App

uValue App — a corporate valuation app, developed by two professors from leading US business schools.

Robinhood App

App to invest in stocks, options and ETFs, all commission-free (US). Stocks, funds & trading tools.

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