Best Android apps of 2017 awarded by Google

Google announced the list of Best apps on Android in Google I/O annual events. They said that: A true representation of beautiful design, intuitive UX and high user appeal. Are you finding apps that help you deal with daily tasks with Android phone? Let's take a look.

Top 5 best app on Android. Source: Android Developer Blog

Money Lover

It's the first app we picked from the list. Who don't love money? But it's not money making app, it's actually an expense tracker, and budgeting app.

If you did managing money with Excel and budget spreadsheet before, the app could make you switch. Few taps to record your daily expenses, beautiful graph shows you where your money comes and goes. Budget is outstanding feature, it shows and alerts if you're going to overspend.

It supports to sync with bank accounts in some countries such as USA, UK, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, HongKong… Money Lover’s Developers said it could update bank transaction and label them with proper category.



A Beautiful Material-Design app

It's appealing due to beautiful and colorful app icon. They claim that 19 days from now, you will reset your habits and Rewire your brain. That's awesome, and make me download it immediately.

After browsing the app, Wow. Simply goal tracking or check-list app with super-fun design and wonderful user experience. No more boring to-do list, you can build habit such as drinking water after wakeup or cleaning house like play a game.



In the first glance, you may think it just like another navigation apps. No, it actually beyond your imagination. This app will become a local citizen and guide you to go anywhere with a deep understanding about traffic, public transport, etc…

But it’s not all, Citymapper understand the city so well that it will provide to you a real-time information of all departures and find the fastest route combining bus, subway, train, ferry, taxi, car share, bike share and walk like. Citymapper is considered as a must-have app for visitor or even local citizen in the cities it supports.



Memrise is free language learning app with games.

It uses audio, images, and memory techniques to help you associate words with one another for easier recall, as well as regular tests to ensure you’re remembering the concepts.

Doulingo is the most popular app, but Memrise is more fun. You play a game with languages rather than studying new one.



Have no idea what this app is about from name and app icon but thinking about something's quick.

Quik, developed by GoPro, is free and fast video editing app. Creating a new video consumes time, money and effort, online marketers are people who understand that pain point. Quik makes everything easier and faster within a phone. Super easy to add effects, texts and share on social media.


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