Returning to my roots. Wiser, stronger, matured.

Raveesh Bhalla
Jan 4, 2016 · 2 min read

In August of 2013, I made the tough call of calling quits on appsculture, finally heeding my own advice. As a first-time entrepreneur, I had gone about things the wrong way and needed an escape. Fortunately, Haptik provided just that.

Two and a half years later, with a lot of lessons learnt, I’m delighted to kickstart it all over again in a new guise.

Introducing, appsculture — the design consultancy

Truth is, even before leaving Haptik, I had a desire to pull a few talented designers and work together on a few projects with them. For the past few weeks, I have finally managed to put together a few pieces. The most important one: Soham Mondal, a great friend who I’ve tried so often to work with, will be joining me as a Partner-in-Crime.

Why a design consultancy? Truth is, even though we’ve finally reached a point where everyone wants to put an emphasis on design in their products, many still struggle to get it right. This often boils down to a lack of talent, particularly those who have experience and understanding of the smartphone ecosystems. This is where we believe we offer the greatest advantage: experience of having built out multiple products over the past five years, with the bonus of having a deep technical understanding of the key platforms as well.

The new appsculture will work closely with other teams on product strategy, positioning, research and the final output. The goal is to not only craft a much better experience for the end user, but to also establish a design culture and platform from which the company can build upon.

One of the key focus areas for our process is on speed — we love working with startups in particular, and understand the need to churn out releases as quickly as possible. Hence, we’ll be aiming to help the companies we’re working with have the maximum impact in the shortest duration possible. This means for some projects, we might only need to stay onboard for as short as two weeks!

We’ll be sharing more details on our design process shortly. Interested in talking to us? Just E-mail me or tweet out to me.

appsculture labs

helping you build better experiences

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appsculture labs

helping you build better experiences

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