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End to End Cyber Security Resource

In all the exploits we undertake, even the utmost care and precision cannot guarantee there would be no mistakes. And because it was done with so much diligence, it is difficult to pinpoint a failing even if we know something is amiss.

Cyber security is no different, especially when it comes to unearthing vulnerabilities in your own applications. In this front, you can rely on us, because we will make it our job to discover all possible vulnerabilities in your applications and figure out all the ways in which attackers could exploit them.

With your security being our prime concern, AppSecure team will simulate a real-world attack on your networks, devices or applications and detail a thorough vulnerability assessment of the same. We will explain any potential problems and will work closely with your engineering team to get the issues resolved.
What is AppSecure?

AppSecure is an end-to-end security resource that provides distinguishable penetration testing services alongside prominent vulnerability assessment. Our experts simulate an all-bases-covered attack on your applications to find out the vulnerabilities and provide you assistance in affixing them.

What makes AppSecure better than other security experts?

Ever heard the popular adage, “To stop security attacks, think like an attacker”? The AppSecure team follows this word-for-word and simulates techniques adopted by hackers in rendering the target systems vulnerable to an all-out attack. We adopt a manual penetration testing methodology conforming to the established practices and standards, combined with our expertise and experience over the past years.
Main services offered by AppSecure
 For complete penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, here is a list of the services we offer:

Blockchain Security
As the blockchain environment is highly volatile, consistent changes in the security scene are to be expected as new bugs keep coming up and new accepted procedures are standardised. We at AppSecure specialise in application and network security of block chain-based platforms.

Penetration Testing
We conduct penetration tests that would help you determine the weaknesses in your applications, networks, infrastructure, mobile or web services and cloud security. A thorough vulnerability assessment is done through software testing and network scanning.

Red Teaming
 This covers a multi-layered attack simulation aimed at measuring how well your company’s applications, networks, and physical security controls can resist an attack from a real-life adversary. AppSecure’s well-executed red team operation considers the scale of your organisation along with threats in your particular industry and designs tailor-made specific tests. This includes application penetration testing, network penetration testing and social engineering.

CMS Security
 Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Vbulletin, and Joomla are extremely popular and make working with content a cakewalk. But keeping track of your CMS security isn’t just as simple. With AppSecure, you can keep checking your site for the latest vulnerabilities, thus making sure your CMS is secure.

Managed Bug Bounty
At AppSecure, we help you get your bug bounty program managed by security experts delivered through Hackerhive

Social Engineering
 The AppSecure team specialises in providing a platform for delivering advanced phishing campaigns delivered using our own platform.
 AppSecure Achievements: Why Should You Trust Us?

In the past, our team has discovered over 15000+ vulnerabilities in 96+ companies and tested over 264+ apps. With valuable experience and meticulous expertise spanning many years, we at AppSecure are here to safeguard your interests and critical data from online and offline threats.

The professional penetration testing approach by a group of certified security researchers and domain experts at AppSecure is unique because of our intrinsic desire to see if your applications can be broken into past the normally-presented boundaries. Our team provides all-inclusive reports that assist you in getting your vulnerabilities affixed. Our competitive pricing strategy ensures a healthy work environment for both businesses and the AppSecure team.

Some other Feathers in the AppSecure Cap

● AppSecure was featured in the Forbes Asia 30 under 30 list of 2017.

● We made a place for ourselves in the NASSCOM 10000 startups and among the Your Story Tech 30 startups in India.

● Economic Times named us the hottest startup of 2018 in India.

● Founder of AppSecure bagged the 3rd rank worldwide on the Facebook White hat list in 2016 and 2014.

AppSecure is a specialised cyber security company with years of skill acquired and meticulous expertise. We are here to safeguard your business and critical data from online and offline threats or vulnerabilities.
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