Laravel Template Path Hints

Show which templates and partials are loaded into your views

Path hints?

Those of you who have worked with Magento will probably know about path hints, and how helpful they can be.

When working on apps with lots of views and partials it can become difficult and time consuming to find out which partial contains the code that you need to work on.

Luckily I created a package that does this for you.

Laravel Tracer

With Laravel Tracer you can easily show all the partials and templates that are loaded into your views. Which is very helpful in development.

This could be very convenient for a number of reasons, if you’re:

  • Working on a large project with a lot of views/partials
  • New to a project and want to get a quick overview of the structure
  • New to Laravel and want to play around with views/partials/templates etc.

For installation and usage of Laravel Tracer, follow the instructions here:

I hope this package is useful for you and helps you with your Laravel app development. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment:)