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Deeply Illustrating My Perfect Daily Life

blank page, let’s fill it.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Walt Disney said that and he certainly proved it.

My vision is much different than his but the premise hit home. I have dreamed up a perfect daily life and I’d like to share that with you below.

Okay, here goes everything…

It’s a cloudy 7 a.m. in the classic canal area of Amsterdam. I quietly leave the bed, shared with my girlfriend Valery inside our 2-bedroom flat. I leave her alone to slumber 1 more hour and I take my leave to the kitchen.

clean, simple, effective.

I turn on the tea kettle and begin to straighten up the flat where I see fit. I am allowing my thoughts to awaken slowly as I put away the dried dishes and wash the last few that remained in the sink the night before. I take to the dining table in our open floorplan flat to wipe it clean and put anything that is out, away in its starting position. I enjoy beginning every day from scratch.

I take in the living room which has a modern L-shaped couch which oftentimes doubles as both comfy lounge and functional spot to work from with a soft throw blanket to cover bare feet and a unique wooden table on wheels that can roll into place and act as a small function desk. The flat is an open floorplan with viewing access from the living room to the kitchen and most horizontal surfaces are bare with a few knickknacks of Val and I’s life placed harmoniously within view. The walls have a few art pieces that speak to us in conversational ways or lift our spirits without drawing too much attention to them at the same time. The stovetop kettle whistles and I pour a masculine style black coffee mug full of water and a small teabag of classic Lipton yellow-label tea… the same tea I grew up watching my parents drink in unhealthy excess daily.

clean and welcoming

I take my tea to the 2nd bedroom which we converted into a “his & her” office that we sparsely use but keep the items we need in rare times and smartly store the living items we don’t need to see daily. This room does house the item I want to see in the morning… a white dry-erase board mounted on the wall. It’s got a list of “big vision” checkbox-able items, and little things like “pushups total for the month” and informal sketch drawings based around random brainstorms Val and I come up with and feel the need to illustrate like we’re coming up with the next Facebook, Zuck-style.

circa 2014… I have a think for marker boards.

The markerboard ignites the first spark for the days plan and work. Today is a workday, much like most every day is in my perfect life. I grab the iPad & iPhone off my desk and head to the terrace.

kind of storage but also workable when needed

Small, yet tall, french doors open easily to a small terrace with 2 chairs and a small table, which has all weathered beautifully. Plants hang from hooks on the terrace railing. I grab the seemingly always ready for me water pitcher and give the plants their daily breakfast as I stand here finishing my tea while I hear birds waking up. The canal across the street is quiet this early in the morning. I’m looking down from the 3rd floor. High enough to not be noticed, low enough to be a part of life in the city. There’s a smell from the bakery a few doors down as they began their daily ritual a few hours earlier. I take in enough sweet bread smell to feel satisfied and retire back to the kitchen and fire the kettle back up for round 2. This time, however, I’m prepping hot water with a lemon squeezed into 2 mugs. It’s closing in on 8 a.m. and I enjoy arriving at Val’s bedside moments after she turns the alarm off. I greet her with the refreshing hot lemon water, lay atop her briefly with a light hug and kiss as she’s waking and nearly incoherent but clearly positive from a deep sleep and pleasant dreams. She’s so cute when she wakes up from a good sleep and I aim to see a small smile that illicit the perfect start of a perfect life’s day.

I leave her to her morning and back out to the kitchen, I go… now to pull fresh fruits from the refrigerator. I Peel a mandarin orange, slice an apple and kiwi, and place them prettily on a plate that sits upon the dining table, untouched until Val is ready for them. Then I take to my iDevices and skim email, news, and social media… knocking out the morning connections and overnight incoming. There’s not much but enough to see 1 or 2 items progress from the day before. Perhaps a meeting time was agreed upon and an email reply of info I needed to continue a project I’m working on.

Enter Val…

She greets me from behind with sleepy but loving hug that brings her arms around me and her head rested on my back and shoulders. I love this day starting embrace we share. I take to boiling water yet again as she begins morning stretches in the kitchen and I ask for her breakfast order. The options I present are typical daily… avocado toast, peanut butter on toast, or Muesli with fruit on top. She decides our breakfast fate as I begin prep. She invites me to join the last part of the stretch and we take on pushups together. 50 split between us is enough to feel accomplished, we gentlemanly assist her to her feet, and I take back to preparing breakfast as she leaves to her phone, and begins whatever she does in the morning (honestly, I have no clue… I’m on breakfast duty). She and I meet back at the rectangle dining table made for 4 just as I place the breakfast main which is now completed with a simple Turkish-pour style coffee in front of she and I. Devices are not in arms reach and we share pleasantries and indulge in a healthy breakfast.

best I could find… imagine it’s healthy

Nearing the end of breakfast we begin to talk about some work-related things as we take to the bathroom where we have a shower large enough for 2. Showering together is this moment that I always enjoy every morning. It’s a time to bond in silly ways and just be together.

We dress for the day. I’m wearing a slim-fitting yet comfortable pair of pants, a tailored to fit button-up shirt and a light sweater atop. It’s a chilly day outside and I have just the right feel in this outfit for it. I offer to make a 2nd cup of coffee that is always enthusiastically agreed on, and we escape to the terrace for a morning cigarette to discuss the day while taking in the slightly more bustling morning street overlooking the beautiful canal, now with a few boats making their way through. It’s here where we decide on sharing lunch together or now. Today we decide to meet in our normal spot & time. Val has chosen to work from home today even though she knows she is welcome to the same office space my workspace is at but we both value a block of time to get things done without distraction. I grab my worn leather bag, place my iDevices in it, ensure my good pen and notepad are inside and take to the front door where my bike awaits. Val kisses me 1 more time as I depart and she closes the door behind me. To the elevator and out the door I go. Street-level at 10 a.m., I begin the morning commute to work. It’s a 10-minute leisurely ride to the office because I take the scenic route but really you could walk there in 5. My bike is a classic-style with the handlebars that bend to the sides, as they always did in the old days. It’s a cute functional bike with little frills and customary wear and tear.

so pretty the streets and these classic bikes everywhere

Pulling up to coworking office building, I enter and am greeted with friends I’ve made in the space. A couple glances up from their screens, I head to the rear-left corner office… The glass-windowed entryway into my private office has a logo on the door, Apps with Wade with the “W” in Wade set up as an app-icon and a silhouette of me leaning against the app-icon looking down at my phone.

I enter my office…

My office is a square and plain at 1st thought. There’s great natural light. There’s a rectangular table in the middle that’s big enough for 4 but only has 2 seats. Comfortable chairs but not boring office desk charis. There’s a style to them both that allows them to double as video props.

My desk is plain and pretty… a blank canvas to begin from daily… tidy and void of the mess it becomes by the end of every workday. I pick up after myself before I left the evening before so that the space is free for open-creation beginnings the next day. There’s a soft-colored L-shaped sofa in the corner, as well as a TV mounted to the main wall in front of the desk that hides away with an ingenious motivational original local artist’s artwork I was granted permission to cut in half and mount rollers onto so that it slides into place to cover the mounted TV and slides apart to reveal it when I need to watch a video or use when I want a huge screen to add another screen for various work-related activities like editing or coding. I always begin by pulling out my iPad that I set it up with the trackpad keyboard and turn on the accent lights in the space. It’s not an office feel in here really. It’s a creative film studio feel with light sources hidden but glows apparent. The large window to the outside does most of the job anyway. I take to the coffee station in the coworking space and small talk with friends also beginning their days and enjoy a little discussion before digging back into their projects. Feeling inspired, I take back to my office and turn on a little bit of urban jazz while I verify the schedule for the day fits with my plan I made at home the evening before. Today is a typical day which means I get to MAKE.

let’s make app content!

The workday consists of researching apps, reaching out to developers and designers to set up times to connect and talk about all topics related to their apps, missions, and choices around the implementation and designs of their apps. I also have my own app so coding needs are perfectly managed here as well. Today's activities are variable but my space is equipped for all types of creating. A camera can be placed for a video where I create a video related to apps. Alternative lighting options are also mounted and easy to turn on/off based on my needs at that moment. I move from my desk to the sofa or the deep high shelf against the far wall for multiple comfort options and to switch it up to keep my brain happy to press on.

I love my job and feel pleased with the activities. I have hired a part-time assistant that manages much of the brand's social media needs and the typical upload, caption, hashtagging, minutia that only slightly interests me but must be done is handled by them. He/She has a creative eye as well and splits the editing workload with me, turning my longer content first drafts into polished content as well as micro-content that’s fed into the various spaces online. We both respect the need for creative privacy but are always open to lending a hand in the more 2-person creative needs when it comes to filming videos. I work and pass my efforts off for bulk revisions and polish as well as the uploading and management of the content. I create the raw, we shape it together, and it gets distributed accordingly. We share much of the community engagement on the person-to-person, going above and beyond and instead of typing out responses so much, send audio and video responses that stand apart from other creatives that work with their respective communities. We surprise people with thoughtful video replies and host impromptu live chats. Yea I see you Gary Vaynerchuk and I’m learning by watching what you do. The middle section of the day is spent with Apple Airpods Pro’s in my ears, a dance-able playlist on low volume and I move about working and operating as I need.

3 p.m. It’s time for late lunch. I throw on my jacket and head to the cafe across the street where Val is meeting me. We choose, based on the weather, whether we sit at the small table outside the door or the table inside next to the window. We share a plate of 1 of our 5 things, her choice, always healthy and not too filling for 2 people to share. We love pairing our lunch with a matcha vanilla latte. The continual war at lunch is the struggle to restrict our indulgence so as to maintain and relatively healthy lifestyle BUT these dang lattes are a slight cheat in the eating lifestyle. However, the latte fits nicely as it gives a feeling that we’re also “living a little”. We enjoy talks of work and the progression in both our days. We ideate and exchange ideas worth writing down in our notebooks or the stained napkin. We always take a moment to feel just how good the day is and where we are. Closing out the meal around 4:30, I pay the tab and we both take it back into the coworking space where Val enjoys a table in the shared space. This is her time to catch up with friends as well as dive back into her work that she began in the morning from home.

easy-going lunch spot on the street with good people watching

I set back up in my office quickly and then return to make a coffee for Val and myself. I deliver it to her and she exchanges a glance that silently says to me “Go Get’m Wade!”. It’s just the glance that fires up my “Let’s Get This!”, mentality as I charge back into my office to take on the afternoon wrap up of tasks. 7 p.m. hits and Val does something silly in the doorway to my office that basically says “let’s put a bow on the day and go home”. I am at a good stopping spot with a mind swirling in work fun. I take the time to tidy up the workspace and “clean up my mess” as I hate coming into a mess.

We leave together at 7:30 p.m. It’s sunset and we head home quickly to drop our bikes out front and head out for our evening walk along the canal. We enjoy seeing everyone walking dogs, evening running, and boats tying up, symbolizing the end of the day. After a nice walk to dispel the workday from our main thoughts, we head inside where we make a simple meal of salad and light finger foods. We take a cup of tea and head to the living room for a few minutes of writing up the rough plan for tomorrow before both ending at the same time. It’s time for us to hang out and enjoy the evening together.

I mean is there a more relatable image than Carrie & Mr. Big on the couch.

Evening times are special and variable. I dare not control this but welcome it genuinely instead. The night rolls on relaxed with laughs and silliness.

10:30 p.m. and the want to be in bed before 11 sets in. I place the dishes in the sink we used in the evening and meet Val in the bathroom to brush teeth, talk about needing to shave tomorrow, stand on the scale and joke about the slight movement of kg’s that occurred in the day and blame the delicious latte’s. We retire to bed.

We snuggle up together, kiss, and talk more and more quietly until there’s a silent embrace for 15 minutes while we are together, yet apart in our thoughts. A final goodnight and a separate for a restful night of sleep.

perfect days to me end with something like this.

I sleep deeply with a pleasant dream that I struggle to recall later. 7 a.m. hits me with a quiet alarm and I emerge from bed and head to the kitchen. Time to do my perfect day all over again.

I hope you enjoyed the day. As you can tell, it’s not over the top but was filled with fulfilling work, the right amount of social interaction for me, and plenty of time with Val mixed into the day. This is a perfect day in my mind and I don’t think I’m very far from this vision already. Much of the morning and evening is what occurs already today. There are some environment and location adjustments to be made but she and I agree on those details so now it’s just a matter of logistics.

I will revisit this vision later to see where life has taken me and to see how close this vision has become my reality as well as see if the vision has adjusted for what a daily perfect day has become then.

Thank you for reading.




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