Wade Sellers
Dec 1, 2020 · 3 min read

Spotify’s New Stories Feature Is Special In A Unique Way

Every big app seems to have a “Stories” element built into it now. What began with Snapchat and duplicated with Instagram to a great success, has continued into Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Weibo, and recently Twitter.

Now… Spotify is testing out their Stories and I actually found it quite interesting.

I hopped onto my favorite music app to test it out. I searched for “Christmas” and tapped on “Christmas Hits” and there it showed itself… that all to familiar circle with a prompt to Tap.

I watched clips by Ava Max, Meghan Trainor, Kelly Clarkson, and even Jennifer Lopez all talking candidly about things they like about Christmas time.

My 1st impression was “Hey this feels kind of cool… like I’m learning something in a personal way about these mega artists I’ll never really be close enough to hear from in person.

Now sure, they could do this on Instagram and the other platforms but here’s the difference…

When I’m in Spotify, I’m in a “Music Mood”. I don’t multitask my way into Spotify. I go into Spotify with an intention and then upon finding something to listen to, I leave Spotify but it remains with me as I then begin to begin other tasks, etc.

When I go into Spotify, and I see videos from artists, I’m in a mood to pay attention to them. They are around the context of “music and musicians”. None of the artists above are people I follow or care much about apart from their music, and yet, I found myself interested to hear a little something from them since I knew it was personal as well as short since I understand the length of time a Stories feature keeps the clips.

There’s something special to getting a personal feeling message or deeper insight into an artist while I’m in the platform where I can type in their name and listen to them instantly.

Perhaps they talk about 1 of their songs and share a detail or story about making the song… I can then go listen to the song and their words are illustrated mentally with the music in my ears now.

That’s neat and a little more meaningful to me it felt.

I will continue to see what I stumble upon with the Stories feature and I’m curious to see if it remains less “listen to my song!”, or “Tickets are available to buy for my tour!”, etc, type of messages. If it does become pitchy, that’s where I’ll check out but perhaps it will live on as a feeling that I just stumbled onto a little story time from these amazing artists that have become so recognizable and personable to us through their art.

Spotify… I’m rooting for you and your stories.



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