Mobile Videos — Revolutionising Content Dissemination

“Mobile technology is disrupting many industries and will continue to do so for the next decade at-least.”
Mobile Videos — Revolutionising Content Dissemination

Consumer preferences in content consumption is changing thick and fast. Video content is fast becoming the preferred environment for viewing information. News, product reviews, marketing campaigns, etc. is quickly changing the way we view content… and we want it all at our fingertips, on our mobile.

The biggest value factor in the growth of mobile video is going to be “Speed of Access”. Information has to stream at uninterrupted speed to keep users engaged at all times. Therefore, data centres need to innovate to ensure their infrastructure supports and scales up to meet the massive bandwidth usage on networks.

The all-important leg is going to be provided through Digital Solutions where technology companies innovate and provide an enhanced user experience to consumers by creating mobile apps that complement the mobile ecosystem thereby providing a seamless experience to the end user.

The ‘On-demand’ media consumption is quickly becoming a habit where consumers want to have access to video based information anytime anywhere.

Branding on TV is being replaced by Digital Video brand positioning on mobile videos with the possibility of expecting a direct response from mobile consumers. Advertisers can also track and measure spending which wasn’t possible with TV.

There is however a catch. User engagement through videos is driven through an emotional connect with the consumer and therefore content that doesn’t bite will not connect.

“The message is loud and clear. Stay ahead or be left behind.”

Intelegain has been working closely with businesses in this domain advising and helping them enhance user experience and building apps that help in greater content consumption.

Written by Kapil Chopra, founder of Intelegain Technologies — an award winning firm that helps startups and business build revenue driven software products. Email us at

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