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Appwrite Is Proud to Become the Special Sponsor for the Vue.js Project

We are more than thrilled to announce that, starting today, Appwrite will be the special sponsor of the Vue project, and will financially support the work of Evan and the amazing team behind the Vue ecosystem in the next year.

We are very excited to continue our support for the open source community as well as back creators to continue their journey and provide best-in-class tools for developers everywhere.

Vue was created by Evan You in early 2014 and quickly became one of the most popular web frameworks on the planet. Vue is well known for its simplicity and ease of use, something we cherish deeply at Appwrite when it comes to building and consuming developer tools. Today, Vue is one of the most popular open source repositories on GitHub, with a staggering count of 199k stargazers, over 300 contributors, and 2.3m open source repositories using the web framework. We’re privileged to take a small role in this growing ecosystem.

Supporting Open Source

Just like Vue, Appwrite is a completely open source project. Appwrite was first introduced to the open source community in September 2019 in an attempt to become a truly open source alternative to Google’s Firebase. Appwrite provides web and mobile developers all the APIs required to build amazing apps without needing to hassle with any backend code with SDKs to over 12 platforms. A project built by the community committed to open source values and that focuses on developers, above all.

While a lot of open source maintainers can struggle to sustain their projects, at Appwrite, we were very fortunate to start Appwrite as a company and raise VC funds to support our open source work and build a business model on top of our work.

With this, we wanted to ensure our company stays committed to the open source community and values. The same community that helped us reach a point where we can give back. We started by hiring our top maintainers to become the core Appwrite team of engineers and build a culture that embraces transparency and collaboration within the community. We also started the Appwrite OSS Fund, a way for us to give monetary support to maintainers who deserve more but struggle to get financially recognized for their incredible work.

When we met Evan, we immediately knew this was the kind of sponsorship we wanted to make. The work and values of the Vue community are everything we believe in and live by. It was obvious this was something we had to do.

This is Not Enough

We will always think of new ways to expand our support for the community in multiple channels, either through sponsorships, or donations, and ensure this will be core to everything we do at Appwrite. Still, we recognize that our support alone will not be enough. We call other companies and individuals to join us. Support projects and maintainers in one of many ways possible, and work together to create a sustainable future where open source is not only something we get a lot from but also something we are actively giving back towards.



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