OFFNews: ‘Digital Europe- the path is long, the direction is correct’

The recent meeting with journalists in Lisbon, Portugal that one of our Founders and CEO Branimir Parashkevov attended has been covered in an article by one of the big online news channels in Bulgaria. You can read the English translation of the part that mentions Appzio below while the whole original text in Bulgarian can be found here.

‘For the last 5 year the EU Commission and the European Investment bank have invested nearly 350 million EUR in the digitization of Europe, as well as in multiple start up companies and medium and small digital businesses. It has been a successful investment since the statistics shows that the revenue of these companies is above 850 million EUR.

In the last couple of years thanks to the European funding nearly 10,000 companies were created which opened 25,000 work positions. Among them 210 are startup companies.
Despite all of that information and the large sums put into this, Europe has a long way to go to reach USA and China in terms of technological advancement. The first step has been made and the transformation of Europe into a central hub for the digital world is just a matter of time.
 Today we’ll tell you about the small, yet secure steps, which with a small amount of trust and good expertise are already called successful projects. They are fighting for their place under the sum to drive The Change.


Despite the fact that our next stop is Portugal the project presented there was in fact Bulgarian. Branimir Parashkevov spoke in front of journalists from all over Europe about Appzio — the Bulgarian platform for building mobile apps.

Every person that has dealt with apps knows that this is usually expensive and sometimes it takes a lot more time than planned. In the digital business times is often even more valuable than money.

Branimir Parashkevov, Appzio

In the last 20 years, Branimir’s co-founder Timo Railo from Finland has been working on making the creation of mobile apps accessible and most importantly — easy. Timo and Branimir are founders of Appzio — an innovative platform that helps companies and entrepreneurs bring their software ideas to life.

Appzio is easy to use with a lot of templates and ready-made components and most importantly — the user doesn’t necessarily need to have coding skills to take advantage of the platform.

With the help of the European Funding that Appzio received the company was launched in 2014.

One of the first big clients the company had in Bulgaria is one of the largest banks in the country. They used Appzio to create an app that improves the communication between their employees.It may sound incredible but it’s true — the idea for the software was presented on Thursday and on Tuesday the week after the app was already functioning on the phones of the employees.

Timo started Appzio as a side project while he lived shortly with his family in Italy. After the potential of the technology became obvious, he decided to move to Sofia to start a company and develop the idea.

‘There’s no better place to start a business because the environment provides great conditions to grow. There are plenty of options for funding as well as young motivated people with ideas who are not afraid to work hard and are positive towards helping each other. All of this makes Bulgaria an extremely suitable business environment’ — shares Timo about his choice.

His partners- Branimir Parashkevov and Simeon Mitev come together around his idea. Their goal is to make it possible for everyone to build native mobile apps with minimum resources. The native technology allows the apps to speak the same ‘language’ as the phone does. Building native brings the highest quality yet traditionally native apps are more complicated and demand a lot of resources.

Today Appzio has clients from all over Europe, North Amercia and Asia. Among them are all kinds of businesses — from rental companies to match making websites.

But when it comes to digital business there’s one thing that’s clear — nothing is clear. The truth is Europe has one giant like Apple and Google and that is Spotify. But as users we have to start expecting and feeling that in our country, city or even neighborhood something big is about to arise. We can never know from which garage exactly would that big change emerge, but what counts is that it’s already set in motion.’

Special thanks to Nicolas Tstiridis for the mention

* The Bulgarian Venture Capital Association / Presentation by Evgeni Angelov