CI/CD with Concourse 5.2 — audit logs, secret cache, better RBAC

Looking for a tool that will allow you to manage all your CI/CD pipelines as code and manage your apps/infrastructure via GitOps? Look no further than Concourse, it’s been specifically designed for that purpose.

Concourse 5.2 release

Concourse 5.2 has been released today (May 16, 2019). Here are some of the highlights for this release:

  • Pipeline navigation side bar
  • Cache for secrets (works with Vault, CredHub, Amazon SSM, AWS Secrets Manager, and Kubernetes), so underlying secrets can be cached in-memory for a specified duration
  • RBAC improves with the new “pipeline-operator” role (see Useful if you want a certain member of your organization to be an operator (e.g. can trigger/pause pipelines and resources), but without permissions to update pipeline definitions.
  • New parallel step in pipeline definitions to replace aggregate and fail early on errors
  • Misc bug fixes

Full release notes can be found on Concourse 5.2 release page.

Create an account and try it

We run a public demo environment, which has just been upgraded it to 5.2:

If you want to get access and look around:

  • fill in the form —
  • wait for a minute or so (while we create a new user for you in LDAP)
  • receive an email with credentials
  • log in into Concourse and give it a try

If you are completely new to Concourse, we recommend a tutorial from Stark & Wayne to get started: