Aptos and Google Cloud partner to support Web3 builders

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3 min readNov 17, 2022

We’re celebrating exciting news fresh off the stage at Token 2049!

ICYMI: Aptos Labs CEO Mo Shaikh and Google Cloud Web3 BD Lead Simon Baksys discussed “Why Web3 Infrastructure is Epic and Powerful”.

Speaking of epic, they announced that Google Cloud and Aptos Labs are expanding their partnership again, revealing that Google Cloud is running a validator on Aptos.

The partnership also consists of Aptos choosing Google Cloud as the infrastructure provider of choice for the Aptos ecosystem, an accelerator program with the Aptos Foundation focused on supporting Web3 startups and builders on Aptos, and a developer hackathon building on Aptos.

Three weeks post Aptos’ Mainnet launch, a partnership with Google Cloud speaks volumes to what the network and ecosystem have demonstrated in such a short time.

We believe that a simpler, more relevant, and overall better user experience is key to broad web3 adoption. This is why Aptos created a developer-first building experience for innovators to efficiently and enjoyably develop friendly, consumer-ready applications. We are excited to work with Google Cloud to help grow our community and bring our mission to life. And it’s just the beginning.

“Google Cloud has been working with Aptos since its inception, and we continue to be impressed by their innovation, from developing mainnet so quickly to their laser-focus on improving user experience. We’re looking forward to continuing to help Aptos build out its vision and capabilities,” shared Richard Widmann, head of Strategy, Digital Assets, Google Cloud.

Let’s break down the pieces of this exciting partnership announcement.

Google Cloud is running a validator on Aptos

As an Aptos mainnet launch partner, Google Cloud is validating and participating in the Aptos network with a block-producing node.

Building on Google Cloud

As part of the partnership, Aptos Labs will be using Google Cloud for its internal development operations, and collaborating with Google Cloud to help make Google Cloud the preferred place to run Aptos nodes and decentralized applications (dApps) for the developer community.

The Aptos Foundation is launching an accelerator program to support Web3 entrepreneurs and builders.

When it first launched, the Aptos Foundation Grant Program received an overwhelming amount of interest and we’ve witnessed an abundance of ingenuity from the Aptos community. To further support Web3 entrepreneurs and developers, Aptos Foundation and Google Cloud are launching an accelerator program with APT and Google Cloud credits.

Aptos blockchain data will be indexed and available in BigQuery

As part of the partnership, Google Cloud will index the Aptos chain and provide this data to developers via BigQuery. This can further foster builder-friendly development for the Aptos ecosystem projects on Google Cloud.

Aptos and Google Cloud will co-host hackathon and other events globally

This hackathon is aimed at helping decentralized developer communities come together to explore ideas, collaborate, and tackle shared challenges. We plan to invite the Google developer community and the broader Aptos community to hack on Aptos alongside Google and Aptos engineers and deploy projects aimed at scaling swiftly and globally. Like our co-hosted events at Bitcoin, Consensus, and Converge this year, we’ll continue to engage our joint communities at happy hours and panels in the future.

You’ve made it to the end of this post, so we’ll say it again for good measure: we are thrilled about this partnership! To celebrate with us, watch the recording of the live announcement at Token 2049 here. Follow us on Twitter and stay tuned for the latest updates on the Google Cloud x Aptos partnership.



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