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3 min readNov 15, 2022


Say hello to the next generation of games on Aptos!

Aptos is excited to announce our partnership with NPIXEL, a premier Korean Triple-A gaming studio. We are honored to be the new Web3 home for their METAPIXEL gaming universe!

This marks Aptos’ next major step into gaming. Let’s dive into what inspired us to kick off this industry-leading journey with NPIXEL and how we are creating the best experience for gamers.

Redefine Web3 Gamer Experience

Today gamers and developers alike battle a multi-asset world where the gaming experience and token storage feel like miles away — and are bogged down by slow and often unsafe networks. It’s just not easy to build and play games.

Here’s how Aptos closes that gap:

1. Lowest-latency production blockchain // Fast execution for a smooth gaming experience.

On mainnet today, Aptos has the lowest-latency production blockchain, making Aptos one of the highest performing networks for gaming. This creates a quick and responsive in-game experience.

2. Technical safeguards // Safer assets for gamers.

Only Aptos has user-focused safeguards that are engineered to protect users at the blockchain layer, such as key rotation, account recovery, and transaction pre-execution. Aptos gaming assets are safe as a result.

3. High fidelity // Seamless game developer experience.

In-game assets can be represented entirely on the Aptos blockchain without the need for additional metadata stored off-chain. That means more time building games instead of managing assets across tech stacks.

4. Asset Portability // Reuse and transfer assets between platforms and games.

Acquired assets are easily represented within Aptos and allow gamers to gain access to the broader Aptos ecosystem for seamless interoperability across platforms.

We’re kicking off this partnership with an Aptos x NPIXEL event alongside the GSTAR conference in Busan this week with Aptos Dev Hub Korea, a community-run organization focused on supporting Aptos game developers. NPIXEL and Aptos are bringing together the builders who will take Web3 gaming to the next level.

Bringing Gaming to New Heights

NPIXEL is best known for its first massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Gran Saga, which had quickly became one of the top performing game apps on the Apple App store in Korea (with the record of 4 million downloads since its first launch in Korea and Japan). Now that they’ve taken Korea by storm, NPIXEL aims to expand its user base across the Southeast with Gran Saga’s upcoming global release later this year.

With millions of gamers in the NPIXEL community today, their entry into Web3 with Aptos has the potential to take the global Web3 movement to new heights.

Together, we’ve got some exciting goals to make METAPIXEL the premier Web3 gaming-verse:

  • Triple-A game IP (original IP)
  • True ownership of game assets
  • Free-to-own gaming model
  • GameFi to open up a new economy for gamers

It’s going to be game on in the race to elevate Web3 gaming experiences worldwide, and Aptos and NPIXEL are here to lead the charge!



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