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Welcome to Aptos Incentivized Testnet 2

Barely a few weeks have passed since Aptos Incentivized Testnet 1 (AIT-1) and we are already at AIT-2. The team has been hard at work preparing substantial updates to bring to the Aptos community a seamless registration process for AIT-2, which begins today.

Thanks to the many improvements made over the past several weeks, we are excited to share that we are increasing the number of participants to around 200!

Complete these 5 steps to register for AIT-2:

  1. Create an account (or log into your existing one) on the community site.
  2. When prompted, provide your email address and username and make sure to confirm your email.
  3. Follow the steps on this AIT-2 page to install and start up a Validator node, set the node in test mode and provide the Validator details to the Aptos community, and
  4. Pass an identity verification and sanctions screening process. If you have concerns about eligibility, please review our terms and conditions.

REMINDER: Individuals should only register once. We reserve the right to exclude the abusers of this policy from AIT, and they will not be eligible for any rewards.

Important Dates:

  • Community voting process shared on July 5th
  • Registration ends July 7th
  • Notifications will be sent out on July 11th
  • The testnet becomes live on July 12th
  • The testnet concludes on July 22nd

ALERT: All accepted participants are expected to join the testnet within 24 hours of notification.

Key Objectives

The goal for AIT-1 was to demonstrate that we, the Aptos community, could come together, and deploy and maintain a decentralized network. With AIT-2, we begin our preparations to become solid node operators, as well as test our staking and node reputation frameworks.

In this AIT-2, the network genesis will start with a small set of Validator nodes including nodes run by Aptos team and Aptos partners. All the community nodes will be joining the AIT-2 post genesis. The goal for bringing up the community nodes post genesis is to test the dynamic validator changes and staking tooling. The team will airdrop sufficient test coins to the selected participants, so that they can join the network and participate. The selected participants are expected to join within 24 hours of the airdrop.

All selected participants are expected to:

  • Add stake to Validator account
  • Set initial lockup time for the validator stake
  • Join the Validator set
  • Ensure that their staking amount is locked continuously
  • Leave the Validator set at the end of AIT-2

DOCUMENTATION: Documentation on these topics is posted on this AIT-2 page.

Success Criteria and Rewards

  • Perform all the required objectives on time
  • Meet node liveness as defined by metrics push data ≥ 95%
  • Availability as defined by one consensus proposal per hour ≥ 95%
  • Voted in at least 25% of consensus rounds

Everyone meeting these criteria will receive 500 Aptos tokens. In addition, the top 10% of consensus voters will receive an additional 200 Aptos tokens as a recognition of excellent performance where the same criteria apply.

NOTE: Any Aptos tokens can only be given to non-US participants, due to regulatory considerations. Any rewards in connection with the incentivized testnet will be provided only following successful mainnet launch and any tokens provided will be subject to a minimum one-year lockup period. More details are provided in our terms and conditions.

Next Steps

After you’ve successfully registered, look for an email from Aptos Labs on July 11th. In the meantime, “star” us on GitHub, follow us on Twitter and bring any questions on AIT-2 registration to next week’s Move Monday (Scheduled for Tuesday, July 5th @ 10AM PT).

Follow along for updates:

Website | Developer Documentation | Discord | GitHub | Twitter | Careers



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