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Welcome to Aptos Incentivized Testnet 3

The Aptos team is excited by the success of AIT-2, and has so much in store for the upcoming AIT-3! The team has been hard at work preparing substantial updates. Here are some registration details and expectations for AIT-3.

This incentivized testnet brings forward the last major deliverable for mainnet: on-chain governance and upgrades! To reflect a realistic environment for the mainnet launch, the number of AIT-3 participants will be nearly the same as AIT-2, so roughly 225 participants. Our goal is to ensure that Aptos can safely and securely launch the mainnet. Sometime in the upcoming winter, we will bring AIT-4 with an emphasis on scaling decentralization and further performance optimizations. We look forward to inviting more participants then!

Complete these 6 steps to register for AIT-3:

REMINDER: Individuals should only register once. We reserve the right to exclude those that abuse this policy from AIT, and they will not be eligible for any rewards.

Important Dates:

ALERT: All accepted participants are expected to join the testnet within 24 hours of notification.

Key Objectives

In AIT-2, the Aptos community came together to demonstrate that Aptos can run as a decentralized proof-of-stake blockchain! Along the way, many of you continued to demonstrate the attributes expected of successful Aptos node operators. As a community, we were able to experiment with adding load to the system, working across a global distribution of participants, and even ran through a few upgrade drills.

A key new experience in AIT-3 is the various roles within the Aptos governance structure. Each node is backed by stake in an owner account; however, the node itself can be managed by an authorized operator account that is independent of the owner account. This means that, unlike AIT-2, the node operator and token owner can now be separate entities. Similarly, in governance, the owner can be different from the voter. This means that owners can delegate their voting rights to a separate voter account. In AIT-3, the operator account will be managed via the CLI, whereas both the owner and voter accounts will be managed via the Petra wallet. The explorer has also expanded its functionality to support a governance platform for both owner and voter operations.

To stress-test the blockchain, AIT-3 will have 3 distinct types of governance proposals: (1) trivial configuration change, (2) a Move framework upgrade, and (3) a breaking change that will require both a Move framework upgrade and an updated binary. Accomplishing all of these goals will be a strong indicator that both the Aptos software and community are ready to launch this blockchain!

All selected participants are expected to:

DOCUMENTATION: Documentation on these topics is posted on this AIT-3 page.

Success Criteria and Rewards

Everyone meeting these criteria will receive 800 Aptos tokens. In addition, the team will offer two opportunities to gain an extra 200 Aptos tokens:

NOTE: Any Aptos tokens can only be given to non-US participants, due to regulatory considerations. Any rewards in connection with the incentivized testnet will be provided only following a successful mainnet launch and any tokens provided will be subject to a minimum one-year lockup period. More details are provided in our terms and conditions.

Next Steps

After you’ve successfully registered, look for an email from Aptos Labs on August 27. In the meantime, “star” us on GitHub, follow us on Twitter and bring any questions on AIT-3 registration to next week’s Move Monday.



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