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A tailored process to create AI products ready for the market

From the academia safe environment, to the wild market

Standardisation in financial regulations, towards a new format

Regulatory Technology: Daitomic calls, the EBA answers

Here is what actually happens when Machine Learning meets the market

A business-centred point of view on Artificial Intelligence

Simultaneity, long memory and attention to the context… for more complex issues

Innovation Hubs, where financial institutions meet supervisors

The Artificial Intelligence meant to translate for machines

A multimodal approach to textual contents

2021 European Data Conference on Reference Data and Semantic

ENDORSE 2021: the challenge of information sharing and data connection

The Regulatory Sandbox in Europe: functioning and goals

The Machine Learning challenge: be more human… to learn better

(Just) readable or (also) executable? The future of regulations

Some numbers about financial regulations


shaping knowledge

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