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8 New Pools Are Now Live! — Winelisting #3

Hedge & speculate on yield generated by 8 new interest-bearing tokens on APWine.

Winemakers 🍷

We are pleased to announce the addition of 8 new interest-bearing tokens (iBTs) to APWine as voted for by the community during Winelisting #3.

The voting saw a record-breaking number of 26 iBT candidates! We’ve witnessed big names like Olympus, Harvest, Idle encouraging their communities to vote in their favour.

Starting today, users can hedge & speculate on yield generated by the following interest-bearing tokens:

Ethereum Mainnet:

  • OlympusDAO : gOHM
  • Harvest : $iFARM
  • Yearn : yv3Crypto & yvcrvIB
  • Idle Finance : AA_idleCvxFRAX3CRV


  • Beefy Finance : mooKyberUSDC-jEUR* & mooMaiUSDC-miMATIC
  • Harvest : fbal_BTC

*this iBT has been taken down for maintenance by the Beefy team. As soon as it gets back live, its pool will appear on our UI following a notification on our discord.

Liquidity providers

You can immediately start earning swap fees & $APW tokens via the Liquidity page.

💡 Note: Our UI for liquidity providers might display very high APYs for the time being given the low TVL at the early stages of the pools.

We invite beginners to start fixing yield via the latest Fixed Rate page.

For those who want to explore all the opportunities APWine has to offer, head over to Tokenize page, where you can buy, sell & speculate on your future yield.

Learn more about yield tokenisation by heading to our FAQ page.

Join our upcoming Winelistings and vote for your favourite assets to be listed on APWine!

Be the first to know about upcoming Winelistings & events by following our Twitter.

About APWine

APWine is a yield tokenisation pioneer, allowing you to trade unrealised yield. Speculate on the evolution of the yield Capitalizeby DeFi protocols. Hedge risk on your passive revenue by converting it into futures. Capitalize on this trend by providing liquidity without the worry about impermanent loss.

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Speculate on the evolution of the yield generated by different DeFi protocols. Hedge your risk on your passive revenue, converting it into futures.

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