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APWine Genesis Airdrop and $APW Locking

We’re raising our glasses to you early supporters, and we are happy to announce the upcoming APW Token Genesis Airdrop to eligible users who enjoyed a sampling of the APWine Alpha — Beta testing rounds, and/or Liquidity Bootstrapping Event. The airdrop was initially planned as an important distribution to help achieve the decentralized vision of APWine, and community and liquidity are paramount to the success of any DeFi platform. For reference, the airdrop and Tokenomics were first announced here. Current APW holders and all airdrop recipients are encouraged to lock their APW in the governance portal which is live right now!

In general, the locking framework is very similar to the tried and true Curve Finance model, which has sustainably aligned stakeholders, liquidity providers, and users with their well-planned approach.

Voting power allows users to participate in governance including but not limited to the on-going Winelisting. Users are able to select their lockup parameters (1 week to 2 years) through veAPW and reserve governance voting-power to support the asset(s) they wish to be added to the AMM. The longer a user locks their APW, the more voting power is granted. Locked APW cannot be unlocked until the duration of the chosen period has finished. During the chosen period, users are able to extend the lock or add additional APW.

Vote in the Winelisting!

Users who claim the Airdrop can use their APW to vote in the first of many Winelisting event(s) which are ongoing right now! Hurry, as the Winelisting ends Dec 21, 2021 12:00AM CET.

$APW Airdrop

The “Claim” feature in the governance portal is now live. Depending on the market price of APW at the time of deployment, the exact amounts and weights will vary. The total APW allocated for the airdrop is 588,430 representing 1.18% of the supply of the total supply.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Addresses that interacted with the APWine Alpha, Beta, and Liquidity Bootstrapping Event
  • Of the Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool contributors, only those who did not sell their APW before block 12480000 (approximately 48 hours) are eligible to claim the airdrop.
  • Select (i.e. hand picked) community members who helped test previous iterations of the platform have been made eligible to claim the airdrop
  • There is a 1-month claiming period. After one month, there is a 25% reduction every two weeks applied to the claimable amount.
  • 50% of the airdrop will be staked and locked in governance for 6 months to encourage participation in governance and grow the community.

Have any questions about voting or the airdrop, or just want to be apart of our amazing #winemaking community? Stop by our social media channels, and Discord / Telegram chat to participate in all the daily news and updates, and chat with our other friendly members.

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