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APWINE is going Mainnet 🍾

On February 5th — The first DeFi protocol to tokenise and trade future yield is launching on the Ethereum Mainnet. APWine brings a new primitive to the decentralized finance ecosystem through yield tokenization, enabling new strategies for liquidity providers and creating more tools for traders to take advantage of the volatility of this market. Farmers will be able to hedge their risk by selling their yield in advance and traders will be able to perform arbitrage on the APYs by trading these future yield tokens through our exchange platform.

The DeFi ecosystem is constantly growing with the continuous release of new protocols. At the time of this article, DeFi applications peaked at $37B in total value locked (according to DeFi Llama). Considerable potential for applications and strategies lies in the composability of these protocols.

APWINE’s mission is to give an extra layer of arbitrage opportunities and liquidity provider strategies allowing the DeFi ecosystem to scale further.

From Testnet to Mainnet 🚀

A beta version of the platform will be available on the Ethereum Mainnet on the 5th of February, featuring different platforms and asset integrations. It has taken several months and a substantial amount of work to reach this important milestone:


In late September we released the first version of APWINE. The APWINE Alpha V1 “Muscat”. This was the first opportunity for us to engage with our Winemakers community, proposing the first version of our protocol on Kovan Testnet featuring Compound cDAI integrations for yield futures.


Later in November 2020, we released the APWINE Alpha V2 “Sauternes”, a new version of our protocol and platform improved with the valuable feedback received from early testers.

We added AAVE integration with aDAI and aWETH yield futures while conducting a 3 weeks reward program to reward the most engaged supporters of APWINE.

Mainnet launch 🚀

Stolen APWINE footage from a nearby vineyard

Following the successful completion of our first audit, the APWINE protocol will be live on mainnet for the first time on https://app.apwine.fi.

Liquidity providers will have several days to register before our first futures period starts on Feb 15th. A blog post with detailed instructions as well as complete documentation of the protocol will follow this announcement before the release, allowing everyone to understand the protocol and to get familiar with it.

If you have questions and need assistance with the onboarding, feel free to participate in the conversation on our Telegram channel. All your questions will be answered!

Please note that there won’t be any token released at this point and any future announcement regarding that point will be made on all our official communication channels.

Coming next

The APWINE team is currently conducting a seed round to be able to cover the necessary costs of development of the protocol for the next year. Many future improvements and integrations are currently under development :

APW Token release:

The APWINE token (APW) is not live yet. It is planned to be released in the next weeks. It will be issued mostly through liquidity mining and various rewards. The actual distribution and all the details of the token-economics will be explained in-depth in a coming article.


The governance of the protocol will be progressively handed over to the DAO which will be released in the coming weeks as well.

Improvements on our DEX:

Even though the future yield tokens can be traded everywhere as a standard ERC20 token. We are planning to integrate more tools into our exchange (including margins etc…) to provide the trader with more possibilities for speculating on this volatility and taking advantage of those arbitrage opportunities.

DeFi platforms integrations

This is the beginning of a journey that will see the integration of more DeFi protocols and push APWINE to become an attractive layer of opportunities in the DeFi ecosystem.

We rely a lot on our growing community and early supporters. Winemakers, we are building APWINE for you! Early testers and liquidity providers won’t be left unrewarded!

Thank you all for your continued support!

- APWINE team

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