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Devconnect & ETHAmsterdam Highlights (With Pictures)

New friends, workshops & hackathon. Let’s recap it all!


APWine’s core team went to Amsterdam last week (17–24 April) to spend collaborative time with other Web3 community members.

That week overlapped two major Web3 events; devconnect & ETHAmsterdam — where APWine was the pillar sponsor of the latter.

During this time, we’ve made a bunch of new friends, valuable connections, strengthened the team bonds and left with a ton of new ideas.

(we also did some partying after hours 🤫)

Let’s recap it all!


First coffee after arrival

Gaspard & Yanis warming up shortly after arrival

Lunch with friends

From the left; Ulysse, Lola (Blackpool), Gaspard, Sam, Marc Zeller, Antonie (LOGYKAL) & Yanis

Road to Being Famous

Gaspard giving an interview!

Making new friends

Antonie with new frens at Consensys & Ledger

Hacking stuff on the fly w Fiatdao


Our humble booth 🍷

Sam couldn’t believe we were giving all that swag away

The Swag 🍇🍇🍇

so sleek

Introducing APWine to hackers

Gaspard on stage!

Workshop time

by Ulysse
wrong country fren

Hackaton Winners!

MauriceWbr, kkpeckk won $5K in APW with their automated strategy for APY futures

A well-deserved party time 🍷

Irene taking the pic!

Phew. What a ride.

Stay tuned!

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