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Hack with APWine! It’s Time For Virtual Hackathon ft. HackMoney

Calling all hackers and super-shadowy coders to take part in our virtual hackathon! $8000 in $APW Prizes for winners ft. Superfluid!

Hack from home to win $APW Prizes!

We’re excited to inform APWine is sponsoring this year’s HackMoney — a virtual hackathon where talented hackers and devs compete to win money prizes for their cool projects.

This time we’ve teamed up with our friends at Superfluid for one of the bounties!

What’s more, APWine’s Co-Founder will give an online workshop on May 10th. The link is yet to be posted on HackMoney’s homepage.

Is there still time to apply to hack? Yes it is! https://hack.ethglobal.com/hackmoney2022

APWine Bounties & Prizes

🥇 $5000 in $APW

Best yield strategy leveraging APWine: vaults, bots, automated strategy etc.

🥈 $2000 in $APW

Best integration with another protocol: leverage APWine and other DEFi building blocks to create new products.

🥉 $1000 in $APW

APWine x Superfluid: build something cool that involves both!

Find the ongoing communication with APWine team via our dedicated channel at ETHGlobal Discord here.

Prepare Yourself

Find APWine documentation here and our SDK here.

Tip: Tune into our Discord to meet fellow Winemakers and ask for ideas what to build!

Good luck!

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APWine pioneers the evolution of yield farming, allowing users to tokenize unrealized yield. Speculate on the yield generated by DeFi protocols. Hedge risk on your passive revenue by converting it into futures. Capitalize on this growing trend by providing liquidity without worrying about impermanent loss.

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Speculate on the evolution of the yield generated by different DeFi protocols. Hedge your risk on your passive revenue, converting it into futures.

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