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Let the DeFi Decathlon Begin! Ten+ Days of Meme events

Once in a great while an event so significant happens the world watches united as one in bated breath, while humanity takes its next step in conquering the unknown. History might look back and say today was one of those days when the Meme Lords rose from their slumber and armed themselves for a battle that would make Thermopylae look like a warm-up.

But this is no ordinary contest pitting the strengths and courage of the masses on a field of dirt and stone. No, this battle will be waged on the virtual plains of Twitter and Discord, where keyboard courage drives even the timidest couch loafer into a hardened harbinger of misery. But what sparked this bloodlust? Why have so many gathered here to these digitized battlegrounds? For Loot, glory, and the love of Wine.

In the future, everyone wears flowing capes and speaks in broken syntax

With their ability to travel in time and bring back Future Yield Tokens for spending today, APWine Finance has sparked a financial revolution where their place as an economic powerhouse in the future is well secured. But to lay that foundation of greatness requires alliances and collaborations with others whose strengths will help to fortify their grip on Future Yield dominance. To that end the #Winemakers of APWine Finance have kicked off a series of games that will put all prior Meme competitions to shame, calling forth all of the wildly successfully projects from the future to shower fame and riches upon the winners, ensuring their names will echo for all of eternity.

The Participants:

Stake DAO, Rekt, Blackpool, Polygon, PieDAO, Jarvis, Paraswap, Unslashed Finance, Paladin, Fuji Dao, ArcherDAO, ALEPH, Harvest Finance, CompliFi, Saffron Finance, Bunchy, Cometh, Babylon, TrueFi… and all else who are brave enough to enter the DeFi Decathlon.


Each Day two new projects will be announced signaling the start of that day's competition. To be deemed eligible memes must use a theme combining the revealed project + APWine Finance. Submissions must be sent via Twitter by retweeting, then replying to this tweet with your entry, tagging both @APWineFinance and the revealed project. For all projects revealed in the first week, M-F, entries will be due by that following Sunday. Voting will then follow for three days until Wednesday. The second round of projects will also kick off the same week and follow the same deadline and voting format.

The Loot and Glory:

Three entries per participating project will be awarded prizes of $500/300/200 for 1–3rd place. All prizes will be paid out in 75% APW + 25% tokens/USDC from the project featured in the winning meme(s). *There is a limit of one entry per Twitter account per unveiled project, so submit only your best stuff :)

You can join the wine family today by following us on the following platforms:

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