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Liquidity Mining Redefined

A new mechanism entitles you to $APW rewards without the need to stake LP tokens.

Winemakers 🍷

We are beyond excited to share with you what we’ve built!

Liquidity providers could not stake their LP tokens to receive $APW rewards in the last few days due to ongoing migration to a new mechanism.

Starting today, liquidity providers no longer need to go through an extra step of staking LP tokens to earn $APW rewards!

It’s time to say goodbye to ‘Stake’ buttons! These boxes will remain for informative purposes only from now on.

What’s new today?

The new mechanism employs liquidity providers with a shorter and simplified path to earn $APW rewards.

Once you deploy liquidity either in PT/FYT or PT/Underlying pool — you’re all set! No need to go through an extra gas-consuming process of staking your LP tokens (and then having to withdraw them again at the end of the period!).

You’ll now find this info box on top of your Portoflio.

All your $APW rewards are now displayed and accumulated in this box. Note it looks a bit different on desktops!

The novel mechanism knows all the LP tokens on your wallet and rewards you accordingly with $APW tokens as if you’ve locked them in APWine’s LP staking contracts.

Rewards now operate in cycles, hence the two labels: Pending Rewards & Available Rewards.

Liquidity providers accrue $APW rewards daily as they used to and can keep track of them in the Pending Rewards section.

Pending rewards are migrated over to the Available Rewards section every seven days. The ‘Claim APW’ button gets you all the available $APW rewards right into your wallet.

It’s important to note that you aren’t required to withdraw the available rewards immediately. You can keep accumulating $APW rewards for as long as you wish and claim them when it suits you.

💡 Liquidity providers that weren’t able to stake their LP tokens because of the migration will be retroactively rewarded with $APW tokens.

No user was missing out on any $APW rewards!🙂

Let us know your feedback or notify us about any issue you encounter via our Discord!

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APWine pioneers the evolution of yield farming, allowing users to tokenize unrealized yield. Speculate on the yield generated by DeFi protocols. Hedge risk on your passive revenue by converting it into futures. Capitalize on this growing trend by providing liquidity without worrying about impermanent loss.

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Speculate on the evolution of the yield generated by different DeFi protocols. Hedge your risk on your passive revenue, converting it into futures.

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