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Meme Mayhem — 10 Rounds of Madness, $10K in Prizes

After a week of battles featuring ten different projects meming it up with over 200 total entries, the dust has finally settled and the victors left standing to claim their fame and riches. To every project entered went spoils of war:
1st place $500, 2nd $300, 3rd $200 as chosen with joint voting conducted by APWine and the named featured project. If your entry was selected for a prize, please contact APWine Finance on Twitter or our chat servers to collect your loot.

The Victors!


1st Place @SurfTranquille — Farmer Chad loving that fine APWine Finance. Make sure to click the link to view the awesome animation!

2nd Place @ TheTumor1 — Chad enjoying his yield before it even sprouts

3rd Place @weird_lil_cornr — Chad showing his artistic side


1st Place @Jarvis_NetworkG — Get your popcorn ready, we have a major motion picture in production here. Click the Twitter link to watch

2nd Place @JuliusJo888 — Future of France (Baguettes included!)

3rd Place @MartinT88846702 — Drive thru Wine… take my money!


1st Place @tasty_turtles — 5x Vineyard Leverage isn’t a conspiracy!

2nd Place @DTDaun — Why didn’t she fill it to the top? :)

3rd Place @ kvlack2 — APWine Finance boxes all your yield nicely

UMA Protocol

1st Place @theLuckysa — Love the animated flame effect

2nd Place @tasty_turtles — What vintage do Superhumans prefer?

3rd Place @ethereal_123 — Video Meme: Are these are the kind of winemakers we need?

Babylon Finance

1st Place @ KingaKo10 — Don't worry fren, APWine + Babylon has more grape harvests to come

2nd Place @Putribintangsu1- Mad winemaking scientists welcome!

3rd Place @Sadu0ne — A wonder of the world reborn in wine?


1st Place @NaL3x_ — I can siiiiiiiiinnngg!

2nd Place — Trade Accepted!

3rd Place @Artimud — Drunken cloud monkeys?


1st Place @Maxime72596066 — Excellent animation!

2nd Place @KopiHit41890257 — Wine on the moon

3rd Place @Aryasakti80 — Super Fusion!!


1st Place @Jessaie14 — Dead on

2nd Place @Theluckyboy123 — Elon will serve the APeWine crew

3rd Place @Sadu0ne — This guy role plays. Charisma +10


1st Place @CryptoDatanut — Don't need moon rockets here ;)

2nd Place @Loki40712586 — Fill it to the top!!

3rd Place @LeeCrowhurst — Cheers!


Sorry Paraswap community, but the majority of submissions did not meet the standard of quality or rules that were set for the contest. But no worries! You get to fight again in Round 2 and redeem yourselves, plus another shot at $1000 in prizes.




Speculate on the evolution of the yield generated by different DeFi protocols. Hedge your risk on your passive revenue, converting it into futures.

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The protocol allowing you to trade unrealised yield & convert your passive income into Futures.

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