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Testnet Release

We are hours away from V1 launch! Before you start maturing your production batches, lets practice playing around with all the wine making tools at your disposal with V1! Welcome to the APWine Testnet tutorial. This is a brief overview of how users will be navigating V1 and the strategies available to them.

APWine V1 is now live on testnet . Mainnet release is set for December 23rd.

Setup your Kovan Wallet for the testnet

The first thing you have to do is to set your Metamask wallet to the Kovan network.

You also want to have some ETH in your Metamask wallet to pay transaction fees. Kovan Faucet link:

Reach out to a team member on our for Kovan ETH and troubleshooting.

Once your wallet is connected to the Kovan Network, you are ready to test the protocol and its AMM with a custom 90 day IBT we are calling ibtUSD. On Mainnet, the field below will be prepopulated with all of the integrated IBTs that have passed the APWineDAO governance proposal process aka Winelisting.

Typically, the first step in utilizing APWine requires users to lock and deposit IBT (e.g aDAI) and generate future yield tokens + PT tokens that can be traded or sold at a later stage while the trading period is active.

Click on the ibtUSD future, and a window will appear:

For the test, you can mint the FYT (future yield token) and PT (principal token).

Go ahead and mint the ibtUSD FYT by clicking on the “ibtUSD Faucet” button on the left.

Press “Continue” to approve ibtUSD and proceed with the deposit.

Now that you have deposited your IBT and minted the associated FYT, you have two strategies to explore.

“Sell your FYT to get upfront, fixed-rate yield”

This is what users will do if they want to receive the market value of their yield in advance. This is a useful strategy to hedge exposure against volatile APY rates.

“Add liquidity to earn additional yield”

Adding liquidity as either PT/Underlying or PT/FYT pairs allows users to earn passive income through AMM fees collected from swaps, as well as liquidity mining rewards in exchange of their liquidity provision.

As soon as the 90 day period is over, which means that your wine has matured, you can claim the yield from your original IBT. If you did not withdraw your IBT and have not sold your PT, new FYTs will appear in your wallet when the next period begins.

If you would like to sell your FYT and take profit on unrealized yield in advance, you can sell your FYT for the underlying asset e.g DAI.

If users believe that the yield rates will increase and they would like more exposure, they can buy more FYT using underlying (native) assets such as DAI by swapping directly on the AMM.


The Portfolio will be your dashboard for viewing all LP positions, rewards accrued, and FYT/PT balances. You will be able to interact with your tokenized assets directly from there, from day one of launch.

Get in touch

Thank you for reading this through, and for your interest in APWine. If you’re having any issues with the platform, you can join us on or at .

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