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Winelisting 4 is Now Live

Vote on your favourite interest-bearing tokens to be integrated into APWine.

Winemakers, the time has come for you to vote on the 4th Winelisting full of juicy interest-bearing tokens (iBTs).

The voting went live at 12:00 PM CET on 13 Jul 2022 and will end at 12:00 PM CET on 20 Jul 2022.

Vote via APWine App or directly on the Snapshot.

This round hosts a record amount of 28 iBT candidates across Mainnet, Polygon and Arbitrum Networks:

Mainnet: Vote here 🗳️

Polygon: Vote here 🗳️

Arbitrum: Vote here

  • mooTriCrypto, mooCurve2Pool, mooCurveRenBTC, mooAbrcdbrMIM-2CRV, mooSushi-USDCETH, mooSushi-gOHMWETH : Beefy Finance (Proposal 1 & 2)

What are the benefits of integrating an iBT into APWine?

APWine allows iBT holders to unleash new powers such as:

  • obtaining future yield in advance
  • fixing interest rates
  • speculating on APR evolution.

Moreover, your favourite iBT on APWine is a powerful tool to attract new users to your project’s ecosystem.

Winelisting Rules

Each winelisting has a limit of iBTs that can be integrated per network:

  • Mainnet: 5 iBTs
  • Polygon: 3 iBTs
  • Arbitrum: 3 iBTs

Cast your votes wisely!

How to vote

The primary way to vote on your favourite iBT(s) is to lock your $APW token to receive veAPW (token with voting powers). You can lock your APW via APWine’s governance dashboard.

You can lock APW for any duration — from a minimum of one week to a maximum of two years — and receive veAPW, which stands for vote escrowed APW. The longer the lock, the more voting power you will get in the governance.

Read about all the incentives of locking your APW here.

In addition to veAPW, holders of Tokemak’s tAPW & liquidity providers at Sushiswap can leverage their SLP tokens to participate in Winelistings.

Note that tAPW & SLP voting weight equals one week’s lock of APW.

Explore APWine

APWine pioneers the evolution of yield farming, allowing users to trade unrealised yield. Speculate on the yield generated by DeFi protocols. Hedge risk on your passive revenue by converting it into futures. Capitalize on this growing trend by providing liquidity without worrying about impermanent loss.

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