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Winelisting Winners and V1 Launch!

Winemakers, the very first Winelisting has concluded! It was exciting to see so much engagement from the community. The entire process has run smoothly and we are looking forward to many more continuous wine listings that will ultimately fuel the growth of APWine, turning it into the go-to platform for tokenizing and trading unrealized yield across multiple blockchains. We want to thank all projects, their associated community members, and the APWine Community for a competitive voting marathon.

Let’s raise our glasses and toast to the new wines that will be maturing in the APWine vineyards (🍇,🍷)

#1 xSDT Staked SDT

#2 PalPoolStkAave Paladin Staked Aave

#3 stETH Lido Staked ETH

#4 sPSP-4 Staked ParaSwap Pool 4

#5 tfUSDC TrueFi USDC

Polygon Winners

#1 maUSDC Aave Interest Bearing USDC

#2 f-j4EUR Harvest: Jarvis 4EUR

#3 aTriCrypto3 Beefy aTriCrypto3 Vault

What Happens Next — Incoming new Future Pools

Now, we will be setting up each new pool. Be sure to follow our Twitter to be notified as soon as new pools go live. The next Wine Listing will start in approximately three weeks, so have your veAPW ready!

The pools will be set up on the Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon. Users will be able to speculate on the volatility of yields generated by these native protocols through these 90-day futures pools. Defi users can use this to hedge risk on their passive revenue or to expand exposure without buying the underlying assets. We would like to thank everyone who voted for these pools to appear, and we hope you enjoy the flavors!

Keep the Proposals Coming!

Every new asset that enters the vineyard starts its journey in the governance forums here. We encourage teams, community members, traders, DAO’s, etc, that would like to see an asset integrated into the platform to make a simple proposal following the general guidelines. We will do our best to promote each consecutive wine listing to facilitate engagement and awareness. With more assets comes more volume, and more volume means more liquidity, which means more potential fees for $APW stakers.

Official V1 Launch — December 23rd

It’s finally here, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. V1 will launch on December 23rd. There will be a public testnet available 24 hours before the launch of the live interface. Documentation will be provided on how to utilize the protocol and its AMM through the live interface.

Incentives for liquidity provision — Attention Wine Makers!

There will be incentives available to bootstrap liquidity provision on all AMM pools (for FYT/PT/Underlying assets, see AMM documentation here.

There will be 1,875,000 APW allocated for the Mainnet pools during this first 90 day period and 125,000 APW allocated for Polygon pools.

For more details, check out the tokenomics here.

The emission rate will stay the same for the next Winelisting event (but split among the current pools and new ones). The liquidity mining program will also evolve, focusing on increasing the capital efficiency of the allocated rewards.

APW Protocol Revenue — With great wine comes great responsibility

Currently, the fees charged within the AMM are collected and sent to the APW treasury. It is currently set up as: 0.25% for liquidity providers and 0.05% for the DAO.

The DAO will vote on treasury allocations and revenue sharing with veAPW holders in the coming days. The community is henceforth always responsible for how the funds are utilized. Other types of performance fees will be proposed and subject to improvement proposals for future Winelisting events. Bookmark https://app.apwine.fi/governance and check the forum often! The future of APWine is now in your hands.



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