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Dear APX Users,

In order to provide better customer support to our users, APX will begin sunsetting ticket support on Zendesk and moving it to Discord. For all related news and announcements, they will be published on Medium.

How to open a ticket on Discord?

  1. First of all, user will need to join APX discord channel.

2. Proceed to complete a few more steps to access APX channels.

3. At the #Introduction-verification channel, react with a hand icon to the message to get access to the community

4. At the #get-support channel, “Click here for support” to open a ticket.

5. Fill in your question and wallet address. Click on “Submit” to create a ticket.

6. Ticket has been created. Customer support will respond to your ticket as soon as it receives attention. You can upload files and provide additional information in the message bar if needed.

APX 将客服服务迁移至Discord


为了更好地服务用户,APX将下线Zendesk客服系统并把提交工单功能转移到Discord上。所有APX相关的新闻和公告都会在 Medium 上发布。


  1. 首先,用户需要加入APX Discord群

2. 根据截图,点击“complete”以表示你已阅读并同意社群规则。

3. 在#Introduction-verification频道,根据截图在贴文上点击手形符号才能加入其它的社群频道。

4. 在#get-support频道,点击”Click here for support”提交工单。

5. 在工单表格内填写你的问题和钱包地址。点击““Submit”创建工单。

6. 一旦工单已创建成功,客服会尽快处理你的工单。如果有需要,你可以在以下的信息栏提供额外细节或上传截图/视频。



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