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APX Podcast: The Early Stages

A podcast series walking you through the journey of starting your own company. Six episodes, six steps — from idea to founding to funding and growing your startup.

Graphic by Emilian Hirsch

How do I start my own company? How do I know my idea is good? What’s the name of my product? Where do I get the money from and much do I need? What about marketing? And how do I build a strong team to master all of this?

Starting a company comes with a lot of questions. But step by step, piece by piece it all comes together — and you start to see the bigger picture. Our podcast series The Early Stages walks you through the startup journey in six episodes — from founding to funding and growing your startup. In each episode, host Julia comes together with founders and an APX expert to discuss one stage in the process of building a company, sharing their personal experiences, learnings, and advice for other up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

The episodes:

  1. The Early Stages: The Puzzle Pieces

2. The Early Stages: Building a Team

3. The Early Stages: Taking the Leap

4. The Early Stages: Let’s Talk About Money

5. The Early Stages: Accelerate!

6. The Early Stages: Growth

We launch new episodes every 2nd week. You can follow us on your preferred podcast platform and on the APX social channels to never miss an episode.

The guests:

Eliza-Marija Hirvensalo (Dogo), Linda Ahrens (Unown), Yoni Goldwasser (APX), Kris Laumann (Dilecy), Joerg Rheinboldt (APX), Lukas Rintelen (RecTag), Jonas Vossler (Flow Lab), Dimitri Gärtner (FRAMEN), Maja Markowitz (APX), Tilman Kemper (APX), Sebastian Rieder (Betafashion), Max Willert (HYRE), Rapha Steil (Quin), Robert Martin (Porsche Digital), Evgeniya Polo (Emmora), Hendrik Schriefer (Sharpist), Melanie Schröder (APX), and Anna Banicevic (Zizoo Boats).

About the Producers:

Graphic by Jasmin Zimmermann

The Early Stages is hosted and produced by Bear Radio, Berlin’s English-language podcasting label and network.

Producer Jill Beytin is a native San Franciscan based in Berlin. She’s worked at radio stations in Berkeley, New Zealand, and Washington, D.C., as well as for NPR and Deutsche Welle. She’s the founder of Bear Radio, Berlin’s English-language podcasting label and network.

Host Julia Joubert is a radio producer, host, and personality from Cape Town, South Africa. She is the host of Bear Radio’s first in-house production, What’s The Mate, and has extensive experience training radio personalities on how to create engaging and entertaining content.

“The Early Stages” is available on all common podcast platforms. We hope you enjoy it! Follow APX on social media and Bear Radio on LinkedIn

About APX:
APX is Europe’s leading pre-seed VC and accelerator program for very early-stage startups. Based in Berlin, we invest across industries in great teams building digital startups — often as their first investor — and support each team with EUR 50K, access to an extensive network, and a tailor-made growth program to secure follow-on financing. Send us your pitch deck today.




The latest stories about APX, our portfolio and the European startup culture.

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