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APX predictions for 2019

As we curated our highlights of 2018 we, also, asked our family members for their predictions for the upcoming year:

“I believe we’ll see three main things:

- more pan-European initiatives for startups

- better representation in the workplace

- a larger focus on digital wellbeing of employees” — Katy

“Entirely automated AI content creation for consumers will grow exponentially.” — Tilman

“AI is the new electricity.” — Yoni

“Health & work life balance #selfcare.” — Anne

“PropTech market shall be gigantic.” — Sonja

“Record breaking year for IPOs.” — Emrah

“Lots of large financing rounds and IPOs — perhaps before a long and cold winter?” — Henric

“Mobility will be big.” — Melanie

“More difficult to find pre-seed, micro-mobility-solutions as a trend, more teams from smaller ecosystems, new breed of investors (ex-founder, new money), end of marketplaces (new ones).” — Robert

“New year, new potential.” — Sandra

“More people will realize that posting their daily lives on social media doesn’t make them happier.” — Mel

“For 2019 I predict that AI development will take off even further and a lot of additional processes will become automated, hopefully improving the human experience and being a tool of support rather than replacing us.” — Jasmin

“B2B digital platforms growing more aggressively.” — Meli

“Medtech & Edtech to grow stronger, VC & accelerator to change their marketing and strategy due to more competition, more woman to be present in the startup/entrepreneurship ecosystem.” — Anastasia

“More AI apps and discussion around digital privacy and ethics.” — Corinne

“Influencer marketing will grow a lot more and companies will understand to choose authentic influencers, based on their community and not on their following.” — Yannick

“For Startups I hope we will see new breed of companies to figure out social interaction, more digital competency and new concepts of liquidity. I am also very much looking for more deep-tech startups. On the investor side I hope the trend of global investments from VCs continues and some of our portfolio companies can participate.” — Joerg

“APX’s campus will be working to capacity and many new awesome teams will move in.” — Sarah



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