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Bonnet: Simplifying electric vehicle charging for a better future

Meet Patrick and Eliot. Together, they are on a mission to make public electric vehicle charging easy and convenient.

The Bonnet co-founders Patrick and Eliot

The amount of electric vehicle (EV) users is constantly on the rise — a positive trend towards a more sustainable future. But it also poses some challenges: Companies that own and install the charging points don’t have sufficient coverage to enable carefree and convenient charging for the customers, which leads to customers having to use numerous proprietary closed system apps, paying high fees to third parties that facilitate roaming and even paying varying prices per Kilowatt hour and inconsistent fees. Overall, the system is lacking. Costs are intransparent and charge point operators are increasingly becoming a service provider instead of interacting directly with the customer.

These were enough reasons for Patrick Reich and Eliot Makabu to build a charging-as-a-service platform that offers electric vehicle drivers access to the vast majority of public chargers — Bonnet.

Bonnet builds direct technical integrations to charge point operators, bypassing roaming hubs, and offers customers a monthly subscription for convenient EV charging with just one account. One App. One Payment. All charging networks.

The PayPal for EV Charging

The two co-founders became friends while studying electrical engineering at Imperial College in London. Here, they were neighbors and often commuted together. While collaborating on several university projects and working on their master theses, Patrick and Eliot stumbled upon several EV charging problems.

“We wanted to tackle the well-known challenges of EV charging and built a physical charger. When we realized we’d need an 8-digit amount of money for building and installing our own high-tech chargers, we decided to pivot a software solution and help solve the problems everyone had been telling us for several months. ”, says co-founder Patrick.

“That’s how Bonnet came about — which is now basically like PayPal for EV charging ”, says Eliot.

Hard work, purpose, and positive impact made us do it

Founded in London in 2019, Bonnet is driven by purpose. “I love to solve problems, and there are several pressing problems in the world — such as climate change. Bonnet can play a positive role in making the world more sustainable”, says Eliot about his motivation. “We received the toolset for our idea in university and it would be a shame if we didn’t use it to make a positive impact in the world”, adds Patrick.

The co-founders got to know APX through a digital conference and liked the approach of the tailored program. “Also, with Porsche as a partner and our product being active in the automotive industry, it just seemed like a great fit”, says Patrick.

Follow Bonnet’s journey on LinkedIn.



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